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Friday, May 15, 2015

Celebrating with joy and pride - our little Peaches in ONE today

Hi everyone,

today is such a special day for me. I woke up early and  promptly went from smiles and excitement to tears of joy, to reminiscing how amazing and beautiful was last 365 days - our precious, beautiful granddaughter is ONE today!!! Being her grandma is such an incredible joy, honor and blessing!
Besides inaccessibly kissing her when we are together, I think I express my love and joy in just making, making, making...
It started with her baby quilt - making this was such very deep emotional time for me, I loved every minute of it.

 You can read the whole story HERE

Oh and then, on May 15th 2014 all the fun began! She came right on time (on her due date!), quickly and efficiently (no torturing her mommy) and that right there was such a sign (now we know) of her sparkly, determined, happy, giggling personality!

That gorgeous baby quilt you see was not made by me, but rather by my wonderful quilting friends of WNY MGQ - an amazing, heart-swelling surprise that I love and cherish and Juliana uses now when she is in grandma's house. You can see more photos and story HERE. 

Making little things - both, practical and not-so-practical-but-cute - for our little girl is a constant joy for me...I just can't stop. Sewing in Granmaville is what I love to do now so, so much.

I remember that this little romper took maybe and hour and a half to make itself, but then I spent as much just adding flowers, tiny pocket... You know what I mean? :)

Or a little, tiny dress, when she was only a month old...

And few more little dresses...

Or little aprons for Easter...

Pink ruffles and super-cute shoes...

Or practical things like car seat/ stroller covers for all the walks:

Aaahh - our walks! I just love so, so much our walks! And book readings, or naps, or now big girl meal times when she eats by herself...or tries to feed Grammy too! Our song singing, hands clapping, dancing... Watching her melt her grandpa's face and heart so completely - that is simply the best. know, I can go like this all night and all day...
Just writing all this, tonight, right before her first birthday, brings such joy!

She is such a smiling, loving, happy little girl - she will wave hi to everyone, smile at everyone, come and cuddle with you too! She is also very determined little girl - you should have seen her conquering the art of crawling - starting with stairs!! Yes stairs! Then came walking - once she got herself up and around furniture and toys, there was no stopping her! Needles to say she is all walks now, way ahead of her first birthday! She loves to dance too. THAT my friends is just the cutest thing in the whole wide world.

But, I have to say - all this is so deeply and truly a reflection of her parents too. It really is. I am so incredibly proud of our son and his wife as first time parents. They are loving and devoted, yet calm, rational and wise, full of fun and joy too - rolling over those sleepless nights, teething fevers and dark circles under their eyes with smile and love. Handling with strength and ease - jobs, young puppy, baby, house and garden, family and all, never skipping to say "thank you", to show their appreciation, to indulge this grandma's baby cravings, photo hoardings and all... Juliana is one lucky girl.


I could go on and on, you know. And I might be boring you with all this, but my heart is so full tonight, I am so proud, so excited and so grateful for it all - I just had to write. Hope you understand. :)

I can't wait to celebrate tomorrow and every day.

Wishing you joy,


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sewing in Grandmaville - twirly skirts, head bands and bows...

Hi everyone,

April showers did bring May flowers!
I hope you are well and surrounded by love and beauty this May. Our garden is finally awake and it just makes me smile every time I look at it!

Color is such an amazing thing, isn't it? 
I really really love it! I only wish I have more time to DO and MAKE all the things it inspires me to do!! 
These days, you guessed it - doing and making things for our beautiful little Juliana - she is a sunshine of our lives !!! She started walking!! I almost want time to slow down a bit!!

You can say I strayed away from quilting a bit these days - all I want to do is make little dresses and skirts, head bands and bows... Remember this photo from few posts ago?

Made from beautiful Art Gallery Fabrics knits - this one belongs to Gleeful collection and yes, I might be slightly addicted to buying and working with knits now... :) Pattern is Sadie's Sweet Peasant Dress by Create Kids Couture .

Just look how super cute it looks on our little cutie!! I am so in love...

Another great use for knits - making these super-cute and very easy head-bands!

I used Lara's great tutorial with a pattern that I found right HERE - love it and will be making some more!!
Can you say - SUPER-CUTE?? :)

Oh yes - the twirly skirt too!

This one is from Morning Walk collection by Leah Duncan - this lovely set of fabrics is so true to its name!! Colors are both soft and fresh - just like a lovely morning walk!
This little twirly took three different fat quarters (my monthly indulgence is Art Gallery Fabrics FQ club from Pink Chalk Fabrics, this one just came for April!)  and this time I didn't use a pattern - just a bias cut top skirt pattern (top yellow one, a bit wider than the waist, so it can be with elastic), and then two ruffles cut from straight strips.

All stitched with 50wt sunshine-yellow Aurifil...

And a bow for a special touch, for the special girl, of course...

But none of that cuteness comes even close to when our little princess put it on - my heart just completely melted!!!

I am sure you can understand now my absolute joy and desire to just make, make, make for this little cutie who now walks and smiles, and giggles and gives kisses in the sweetest way you can imagine. Not only do I love her beyond words, but I am so incredibly proud of her parents too - they are amazing first time parents and it shows - Juliana is happy, smiley, loving little girl!

Yes, I do still quilt...he, he. More about that next time, but for now, this is how I spend my coffee break, or TV watching time, or even lunch break at work... 

This grandma discovered elastic lace, trims and ribbons and now have a tray full of them, paired with every yummy, matching thread color, to make, make, make... :)

Wishing you all joy every day,


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Skopelos Blog Tour

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my stop on Skopelos blog tour! 
Skopelos is a brand new fabric collection by Katarina Roccella, for Art Gallery Fabrics

What can I say - Katarina did it again. Her first two collections, Indelible and Recollection went straight to deep pockets of my heart, where my origins and heritage reside, waking up all my love for where I came from and giving it a whole new wings and inspiration, new modern colors and design... Piles of those beauties are still on my cutting table in various stages of making. 
And then, here is Skopelos - the music of Mediterranean summer.
That is how it makes me feel, really. On one hand, passionate, bold and happy

Or on the other, subtle, gentle and maybe even a bit melancholy....

And no, I haven't been to this beautiful Greek island, but similar places in the Mediterranean that bring so many happy memories of childhood family vacations or summer travels with friends when we were young adults. Oh I can almost smell the pine needles and sea...

OK, OK time to come back from traveling down memory lane! Today, I might not be at the shores of Mediterranean, but surrounded with these beautiful colors and designs in my sewing room

and inspired by our sweet, beautiful granddaughter Juliana that is growing fast and more gorgeous by the minute - I was thrilled to answer Katarina's call for celebrating her new collection, by making something  for our little girl. I played with colors and came up with several choices right away. This one....

Or this one....

Or this one?

Yeah, you get the picture - so many possibilities! And eventually I might use them all, but started with this beautiful combo:

Out came the bin with all my patterns for little girls dresses and I thought that Sugar and Spice by Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop will be just perfect!

It's not my first time using Peek-a-boo patterns and I love great instructions and photos. 
Oh how I love making little ruffles....

Or pipings and bias bindings...

One blissful afternoon of sewing...

and one evening of hand sewing facing and hem (yes, like in good old times, as I was taught)...

VOILA!!! - .... dress is done!

The only thing that I changed from the pattern is, I made the back button down completely, for easier dress-up (our little princess is not a big fan of over the head dressing up, like most kids :). 

And of course we had some perfect shoes to go with the dress... :)

I loved every minute of making this little cutie, but nothing prepared me for the heart-melting cuteness and joy when her wonderful mommy did a little photo shoot and send me these photos: 

 I am so incredibly lucky and blessed with my family and all their love and this luxury of expressing my feelings and inspirations in fabric, sewing and quilting. I am grateful for it every day of my life. :) 

I hope you enjoyed my stop at this lovely Blog Tour!

I am not nearly done creating with beautiful Skopelos and I can't wait to see what future days on the tour bring as inspiration, from all amazing participants! Here is the list once more for you to follow along:

2. ALLEGORY LANHAM – April 21st
3. ERICA TOOLE - April 22nd
4. RACHAEL GANDER - April 23th
5. AMY FRIEND - April 24th
6. MARIJA VUJČIĆ - April 25th
7. DANA BOLYARD - April 26th
8. ERICA JACKMAN - April 27th
10. SVETLANA SOTAK - April 29th
11. KATHLEEN RIGGINS - April 30th
12. APRIL RHODES - May 1st
13. PAUL HALLINGER - May 2nd
15. CAROLINE HULSE – May 4th
16. JANE DAVIDSON – May 5th

Oh and don't forget the GIVEAWAY too!!
Follow Katarina  ( @katarinaroccella ) on Instagram and repost any of the photos from this Blog Tour with a hashtag  #skopelostourgiveaway and you are automatically eligible to win a half yard cut of the entire collection - wooo-hooo!!!

Wishing you inspiration and joy every day,