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It is a daybreak - in many ways! I woke up early this morning and saw this day emerging, with these beautiful colors, sky slowly being flooded with light...Just beautiful!

Camera in hand, I was out taking these photos (hopefully my neighbors didn't think I am too crazy!).
Of course, dogs were there too - Rocky, with his almost non-existent, short hair wasn't too interested staying out, but Marley - cold and snow-loving Alaskan malamute - thought it is perfect time to lay outside and watch the day come!
Well, it is a "daybreak" in another sense - I decided to get into blogging - finally! First, and only post so far, was so long ago! Obviously, I wasn't ready then, or just just wasn't interested enough? Not really sure, but here I am now! I hope to share my inspirations, my photos, my fabric creations and who knows what else! Hope someone will be interested to see it too? :)
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