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Fear of judgement...?

OK, I admit - I am still so very new to this blogging thing, I am almost afraid of it?
Why else would I NOT post to my blog more frequently - I AM constantly thinking about it, and have this constant need to do it.
To be clear - I LOVE reading blogs, love seeing new ideas, reading about creative process, seeing pictures, I even leave a comment if I have something to say! So what fear I am talking about? It's my OWN blog that gives me doubt? Why? I guess it is all about that good old self-doubt. Do I have something to say? Is it relevant to anyone? Is it self-indulging? Self-centered?
Maybe. Maybe not. It is all in the eye of the beholder (or reader in this case) and I guess I am just afraid of some kind of judgment...? Silly, I know. Silly, silly silly.
So I will stop that. On to the blogging and sharing! :)

I think Marley approves:
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