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Missing in action?

Oh my...I fell off the blogging wagon, didn't I?
I guess the blogging routine is not quite set in my days. I say that not because I think I should post every day, but because very often I do feel I have things to say, just don't seem to find the time in the day to do it... Need to work on that.
It's summer! Yes, that means lots of time in the garden, lots of WORK in the garden, less time for stitching... I used to feel almost an anxiety about not being in my sewing room a lot during summer - there are all these things I want to make!! But lately, I realized that maybe everything has its time, and just because I am not stitching, doesn't mean I am not enjoying the creative process. Being in the garden, and outside in general - PHOTOGRAPHY is what gives me that creative spark these days! Oh, I am a total amateur, but enjoy it just the same. Colors, light, lines, composition, details... Discovering the amazing detail in every flower and petal.
This lovely rose (called Betty Boop) is just so seductive - can't stop taking pictures! The color changes, the way early morning light hits it...

And then you come close...

And even closer...

It is just mesmerizing, isn't it?
But even less showy flowers in the garden have their secrets - the beauty that shines if you come close. Look at this amazing flower crowd:

Can you guess what it is? It is the elderberry flower rosette, if you come close! Each of these white beauties is less than a 1/4" in diameter.
Another of my favorites - hostas! Now, there is not much of a flower to see in hostas, you will say...but look at this:

Aren't these just spectacular shapes, colors, lines...? Oh yeah, mosquito included. :)
Hope you are as inspired as I am.
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