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Back in the bloging world...

OK, I do feel silly writing this, after the last post... but I figured, better silly than nothing, better super late then never, right? So...work on my daily routine, better time organization and finding regular times for blog continues! :)

Colors of October, in my backyard
BUT - I do have some great news! Remember that whiny post from May 28th about me dealing with rejection? I almost feel silly now for feeling so crushed, since I learned SO MUCH from that experience and dare I say - grew as a person, designer, quilter. First, I received so many great comments from many of you and so much positive encouragement, I feel really honored - thank you once again! Soon after I also received an email from Maria Hrabovsky and her great editorial staff from the wonderful on-line quilt magazine The Quilt Pattern Magazine asking me to publish a pattern for that same quilt, Colors of October, in their magazine! YEAH!!! I feel so honored and happy!! There is "a show for every quilt" as one of my favorite fiber artists, Elaine Quehl would say!
So, if you haven't already - go check out TQPM (BTW - with abundant patterns, articles and tutorials, EVERY MONTH, subscription for TQPM is an amazing deal!!), and look for my pattern in May of next year!
...happy dance here!!!....
Now, how terrified I am if my writing and pattern designing abilities are up to par to be published in a magazine...that is a whole another story! :0
No, I am not that new to pattern writing - have been doing that for my students for years and even started publishing some (check out publisher extraordinaire, Nancy Dill and her Quiltwoman.com and (yes, some shameless self-promotion here), my pattern Celebrate the Season) - but, it seems to me that writing a pattern for a magazine IS a bit different than writing a pattern to be published on its own or writing instructions for a class, don't you think? How different is it? I think I am on the right track (and almost finished!) but I would love to know - What do you add or take out, what do you do differently, if anything?  :)
With a promise (first to myself and to you all) to show up here on a regular basis now, (oh I have so much more to tell you!), happy autumnal stitches,
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