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First snowflakes are falling....

...so it is officially a season to quilt! :)
Well, not really, I do quilt all year long, it is just that during fall and winter all outdoor activities are taking way less time in the day so there is more time to quilt. Not to mention the Holidays! Are you making gifts, sewing like mad these days? Do you have a list and just checking things out as you finish?
I want to to that every year...and somehow still didn't quite do it, at least not so well organized. Trying to do better this year! First, I cleaned and re-organized my sewing room - YEAH! It is very small, so that is really essential. Here is the view from the door:
Yeah - that is pretty much the whole room, but it works! :) 

If you go in and look from the other side, there is one of my favorite finds - two 9-cube shelves (they usually advertise them for kids rooms?), pushed together (front one doesn't have the back wall of course) - the top surface is the prefect size for the 24"x36" cutting mat and bellow is lots of storage space. Height is also just right, ~36". Highly recommend this solution if you are looking for one! 

Under the window is a leftover dresser (dear daughter's from high school days, hence the decoupage :)  ) and on the top, dear hubby found a leftover shelf board that fits just perfectly! I covered it with batting and top fabric was just a leftover (canvas-like) from some house decorating project...However, once I started using it, I realized that i LOVE the stripe on it - it helps positioning strips when I press!! I might add some vertical lines too, for squaring-up! :)

Of course the most important part - the sewing corner. I LOVE my Tracey's Table- simple, stable and with few but useful perks (like the bread-board above the drawer, extension on the back if I need it, etc. ). Joen Wolfrom's (one of my favorite quilt authors and teachers!) Color Wheel is there for color inspiration, information, learning - love it!

OK - so now I am ready!! How about you? Have pictures of your sewing space? Have tips for organization, holiday/gift sewing? Leave me a comment, link...would love to hear from you!

And this bellow - a new project of course! Will tell you all about it in the next post!

Have a joyful holiday season,
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