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Monday, December 19, 2011

Blog Hop Giveaway winners!!!

Blog Hop Giveaway winners!!!

 Good Monday morning everyone!!   You probably thought I fell of the face of the earth, didn't you? No...just stupid, bad cold!! AAACK!! And in this time when there is so much to do!! So playing catch-up and FAST here... :(

So, I apologize for no projects in these past few days and promise to be back with one tomorrow! :)

But now, on to more important thing - DRAWING OF ALL THE PRIZES FROM THE BLOG HOP!!!

So, I feel really bad for being late and all, and while I was pondering how to make it all dawned on me - GIVE AWAY MORE PRIZES!! YEAH!!   I am so overwhelmed and honored with all of your kind and great comments and fact that you were visiting, following, "Like"-ing my page on Facebook - what better way to show my appreciation than with more presents!!
Took pictures of prizes, went for the Random number generator ( ) and - VOILA!!!
(I just want to say that EVERYONE who commented from Dec. 9 until last night (Dec. 18) was entered in the drawing - total of 185 comments (HOORAY!) - numbers (1-185) were assigned starting from the very first comment and on).
Scroll down to see it all!!  

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WINNERS - I am delighted to send you one extra present for the Holidays!! Just send me your information and packages will be in the mail tomorrow!!

First winner of this book full of different techniques is:

  - Number 19 - QUILTING MAMA!! 
Quilting Mama said... Would love to win your generous giveaway! Those books look amazing.    
Second winner of this set of floral fabrics is:    

- Number 34 - Quilting "b"!!!  

Quilting "b" said... Great Giveaway... Thank you and Merry Christmas  

Third winner of set of floral fabrics is:

- Number 120 - Wendy fromDahlward Quilting!!! 

Dahlward Quilting said... Great blog and great give away. saw you on the yahoo groups. Thanks for letting us know. Wendy from Dahlward Quilting Services. Have a very Merry Christmas.        

Fourth winner of this set of fabrics and a pattern is:

- Number 139 - Sue Daurio!!!

Sue Daurio said... Love your holiday projects. The snowman in the window is just adorable!! Thanks for the chance to win a great giveaway  

  Winner of the Special Drawing (one on Lucky Day 13) , another copy of Visual Coloring by Joen Wolfrom is:

- Number 4 - Melody!!!! 

Melody said... OK this is tough because I love most of them but my favorites .....hmmmm...... OK probably the Holiday Window is my favorite, the basket full of flowers table runner and the dear santa cardholder. You have some wonderful ideas  

 AND - the winner of the original, let's call it Grand Prize, :)   is:

drum-roll here please.....    

Number 75 - JENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Jenny said... we often talk about Joen Wolfrom and her amazing use of color at our quilt guild. id love to win your prize, thanks for a chance...

Again - CONGRATULATIONS to all winners and happy, healthy and  joyful Holidays to all!!!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Festival of small projects - Day 15


Good Thursday morning to all!

It is quite a dreary one here in Buffalo - rain, wind and gray skies...yuck. I swear, our outside-loving, always-for-a-walk dog Marley got this depressed look on his pretty face when I opened the door this morning, as if he was saying "oh no...rain+wind=no walk for me today!" I wish I took a picture! Poor baby... :)

I have to say it AGAIN - I am so thrilled and honored that you like the projects - thank you so much!! Loved reading what are your favorites! After counting the votes, I am happy to say that they were spread among almost all of the projects (I am so thrilled there is something for everyone!!) but HOLIDAY WINDOWS was the most favorite with twice the votes than any other! That is so great!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR COMMENTS - I can't wait to draw winners for BOTH giveaways on Sunday!!!
So, since lots of you liked Holiday Windows, I decided last night that today's project will be actually just another idea for the similar pattern!

Let's say you really, really wanted some Snowmen panel, images, etc. but just can't find any right now....MAKE YOUR OWN!! Seriously! It really isn't that hard and NO, you don't need special artistic, drawing skills! Look at this:

Three cute Snowman, peaking into your window, waiting for you to come out and play!! :)

To make this - everyhting would be the same as in Holiday Windows tutorial, except:

- cut our window panes from some "snowy" print, squares or rectangles, as big as you want them (no worrying about panel pictures here!)
- before you go ahead to add side and bottom strips to complete window panes, you would "decorate" those squares (or rectangles) with some Snowmen faces! I used fusible applique for mine. To have a nice circle for the heads - just place an appropriate size plate down on fabric, as a template! Cutting out some small circles for eyes and buttons should not be a problem and noses are easy too!
- once you have your Snowmen fused down on widow panes, proceed with mitering corners and all the rest, just like in the Holiday Windows tutorial - how easy is that!!

Here is another one with more window panes:

I do have one of my own made (above ones are designs created in my EQ) and was going to show you a picture of it, except - I can't find it!! YEIKS!! I better go and find it now, for some last minute decorating...and to show you the photo of the real one! :)

Have a wonderful Thursday,


PS - BLOG HOP party is still ON - so comments get you a chance to win the giveaway! Follow my blog or "Like" my Facebook page for double or triple the chance!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Festival of small projects - Day 14


Good Wednesday morning everyone!

I am so thrilled for your comments about your favorite project so far - thank you so much! Remember, you have until today at midnight to tell me about your top three projects and have a chance in SECOND giveaway (of a secret prize!), just comment on the previous post picking your top 3 projects. 

However - the BLOG HOP PARTY is going on until Saturday - so go hopping and winning some great giveaways! Leaving the comment here on my blog gives you a chance to win mine!

Now let's get to work and make this happy little Santa ornament that can also be a creative, made-with-love gift card holder, to make the gift even more special! It is easy and fun!
Here is what you will need:

- 4 1/2" wide strip of red fabric
- 1 1/4" strip of beige (or rosy) fabric (Santa's face)
- 3 1/2" strip of white fabric
NOTE: I cut my strips along the whole width of fabric and that was enough to make 8 ornaments
- enough batting to back each ornament (5" strip that is about 60" long would be enough for 8 ornaments), or double that amount if you are making a gift card holder
- 5-6" long piece of ribbon for hanging

Let's make this little Santa:

1. Start with 3 strips that you cut (see above) and join them together, LENGTHWISE, with 1/4" seam. Be sure to have a proper order of colors: RED-BEIGE/ROSY-WHITE (see photo). Press both seams towards the rosy (thin) strip - this will raise the strip a bit and look more like Santa's face.
2. Fold the strip set back so that the seam between red and rosy fabric is on the bottom (see photo on the right) - now you have it ready for cutting!

3. Basically, you need to cut 60 degree diamonds from this strip-set, and one EASY way to do that is to use the 60 degree triangle ruler, like the one I have (love my Creative Grids rulers! :)  ). The line on the bottom that you would be aligning with is the 4 1/2" line:

HOWEVER - if you don't have a ruler like that, NO PROBLEM! Here is how to use your regular, general purpose ruler (all the good ones have those "angle" lines on them, and this is when they do come in handy!). So bear with me - I will show you how to use regular ruler in this step-by-step explanation. 

1. First find the line on your ruler that has a 60 label on it. Pencil is pointing on the line on my ruler and close-up photo is showing it better.
2. Align that line with the BOTTOM edge of your folded strip-set, just like shown on the photo, and mark the line along the RIGHT side of the ruler (as shown above).

3. To mark the line on the other side - without moving the ruler much from the previous position - find the OTHER 60 degree line - pencil is pointing to where it is on my ruler (photo1). Align that line with the TOP edge of your strip set (pencil pointing on photo 2), and bring the left edge of the ruler so that it is where your first marked line ended (photo 3). Mark the line along the left edge of the ruler (photo 4) and VOILA! Your 60 degree triangle is labeled!
Now you need to label as many of these as you can fit on the strip set and then cut on those lines (photos A-C)

When you open up your strip - TA-DAH!! Little Santa!! (photo D) I got 8 of them from one strip-set (strips cut along the whole width of fabric)

NOTE: For Santa, you will use ONLY the pieces that have rosy fabric in the middle of the diamond - there are all these other diamonds that are a leftover... WAIT! We will use them too! Those cam be used for the BACK of your Santa ornament or gift card holder with a little extra work! Here is what to do:

1. Take the leftovers and open them up (photo 1 and 2). Tug a little and those few stitches will come apart - to separate two triangles (photo 3). Place the RED triangle on the bottom of the white one as shown on Photo 4. Join those two (on the wide side), with 1/4" seam and you will have another little Santa (photo 5)! Well, this one will have a piece of the "face" fabric on the bottom, but it will be on the back of the ornament, so good enough! :) White part of it is perfect if you want to write a message on it!

Now to finish the ornament or make a gift card holder:

1. If you are making just an ornament: 

       - Cut a strip of white batting (it could be white fleece or white felt), about 5" wide and place your Santa on it as shown (photo A). All you need to do is cut the piece of batting about 1/4" bigger (on all sides) than the ornament! To do this, I placed my ruler so that first 1/4" line is along the edge of the Santa and cut the batting with my pinking blade (photos B and C).

      - First put the Santa BACK  piece (one you made above from leftovers) on one side of the batting and stitch it in place (I used just a plain straight stitch, close to the edges, since it will be covered with decorative stitch later. Alternatively, you can just baste (or glue) it in place and wait for the stitching from the front.

      - Place Santa to the front of the batting and stitch it in place - I used some nice decorative stitch on my machine - fun!
      - Draw two little eyes and some eye-brows with permanent marker, stitch a little strip of same white batting for the mustache and stitch a piece of ribbon for hanging together with a pompom or decorative button and VOILA - your little Santa ornament is done!

If you are making a gift card holder:

- First, for this you will need TWO pieces of batting cut the same way as above (if you are cutting with pinking blade, it is the best to cut them BOTH in the same time (two layers of batting), since then wavy lines will match!)
- Place each Santa piece (front and back one) on their own piece of batting and stitch them (use decorative stitching, it is so much fun!)
- Decorate your Santa's face same as above
- Place front and back together (so that two battings are next to each other) and stitch them together but ONLY from the point shown by RED arrow, along the "beard" part to the BLUE arrow. I used straight stitch that was going right along the side of my decorative stitching and it looks great (you can also use invisible thread). Make sure not to catch the mustache in stitching (ouch! poor Santa... :)  )
- Once two pieces are together, stitch a ribbon on the top by stitching one end to the front and one end to the back piece and - TA-DAH!! Your Santa gift card holder is done!!

Of course you can decorate your Santa in many different ways and have lots of fun! It is big enough that you can tuck in some candy or other small goodies, besides the gift card, or just fill it up with candy for a sweet little gift! The white part on the back of the Santa is great for writing a message to go with your gift - I am sure anyone getting a gift card or candy or ... whatever, in such a cute holder will be twice as delighted!

Have a wonderful Wednesday,


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Festival of small projects - lucky Day 13!

Hello everyone,

here we are at the lucky number, Day 13 of our Festival of small projects AND almost half way through the fun  BLOG HOP PARTY WITH GIVEAWAYS (a birthday celebration of Michele Foster's Quilting Gallery web site). So let me say this first:

I am so thrilled, honored and thankful for the phenomenal response, comments and kind words from so many of you - THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I wish I could give everyone a prize! :) For all of you visiting for the first time today - WELCOME! Don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win the giveaway (click HERE for all the details!).

So what is in store for Day 13? - I thought it is a good time to take a break from a new project and have a quick overview of all the projects we had so far! This way, for all the new visitors it is all here in one place for a quick look, and for all of you following from Day 1 - a quick reminder! :)

For all - I would LOVE to hear your top three picks from projects so far! AND - I am ready to give something little back: all of you who leave a comment to THIS post, picking your top three projects so far, will be entered into a separate little giveaway! YEAH!
That means if you already left a comment in previous posts, you can do it again and have a chance for not one, but TWO different giveaways! Sounds good?

I will keep this, second giveaway open only until tomorrow at midnight, but the main one will be open until Saturday. Both winners will be announced on Sunday!

So lets have a quick overview of all the projects so far:

DAY 1 - Christmas Tree card holder:

- Easy, one-seam, 3'D Flying Geese block (inspired by Ricky Tims' tutorial) makes this project! You can add as many segments as you like to make it bigger!
- for the tutorial, click HERE

DAY 2 - Poinsettia ornament

- I LOVE making this flower! In holiday colors or in any other colors, it is just fun, easy and so versatile!
- You can make so many different things with it - for a tutorial, click HERE

DAY 3 - Strip-pieced holiday table runner:

- This is such an easy, strip pieced project! Change colors and it can be a runner for ANY occasion!

- for a tutorial, click HERE

DAY 4 - Place mats for the table runner:

- Isn't it great to have a handy pocket for the napkin and silverware?

- for a tutorial, click HERE

DAY 5 - Very yummy Pear cake recipe:

Well this one doesn't have to be included into a rating, but it can if you want! :) It is really a great cake, and as already tested by some of you wonderful blog readers, it can be made with apples too! I think I will try that next...

DAY 6 - Fabric-does-the-work quilt:

- I made this quilt in several different fabric combinations - Christmas, autumn, baby prints, Snowmen/winter one is in always looks great and it is so easy!

- for a tutorial on 2 different sizes for this one, click HERE

DAY 7 - Dear Santa cardholder:

- I had so much fun with this design and how quickly it came together! It was almost work-in-progress tutorial and I promise to show you a photo of completely done Santa soon! :) My daughter came home from a trip after I made this one and liked it so much, she said I have to finish it ASAP! lol

- for a tutorial click HERE

DAY 8 - Decorative candle wreath:

- Here is a quick and easy gift idea! Just make one Poinsettia flower, cut up some strips and keep tying them on!

- make one of these not just for holidays, but for any decorative opportunity or gift! Click HERE for a tutorial

DAY 11 - Basket full of flowers table runner:

- Another use for those Poinsettia flowers! (can you tell I like them? :)  )

- this one can be made in any color - for summer, fall...

- for a complete tutorial click HERE

DAY 12 - Holiday window:

- Who doesn't have a panel or two (or three...) in their stash? Here is a fun use for those!

- Of course, you could use a great landscape print too! (middle quilt)
- For a tutorial on this one, click HERE

OK - those are all nine projects so far!
Let me know (comment in THIS post) what are your top three and have a chance to win another great prize!! (it is a sur-prize what is the prize!! But let's just say that if you like my original prize, you will like this one too! he, he...)
New project tutorial tomorrow,
Have a happy Tuesday,


Monday, December 12, 2011

Festival of small projects - Day 12


Good Monday to all of you!!
Sorry to be late for this one - forgot to pre-schedule the post - blah... :(
If you are a new visitor to my blog - WELCOME AND THANK YOU! Click on the link bellow to read all about Michele Foster's QUILTERS GALLERY Birthday celebration and a phenomenal Blog Hop Party and then start hopping and having fun!

For my blog - if you haven't left a comment in previous three posts (Dec. 9, 10 and 11th), leave a comment to enter a chance to win! To double or triple your chance - follow my blog and "Like" my Facebook page and tell me you did it (in a comment). Thank you so much for visiting, come back often and good luck in all the giveaways!

Now lets get to work and make a fun, festive holiday window! 

This project is based on classic Attic Window pattern and using either a fabric panel or just an interesting print! It is easy and gives you a bit more creative way of using those lovely panels (or interesting, landscape-y prints). 

I you are using a panel, here are some specific things to do first:
- measure panel's width and height and depending on the style of window you would like to make, determine the size of squares or rectangles to cut it into. When I say "style"of window - I mean how many window panes, will they be rectangular or square, etc. I find that 9, rectangular window panes works for me, most of the time.
- another thing to consider is the image itself and where will you cut it - for example, in the image on the right I did not want to cut through the snowman, so I adjusted my cutting dimensions and the position of cuts according to the snowman.

Here is what you will need:

- 1 panel 
- 1/4 yard EACH, of two fabric for window side and silt (usually two shades of the same color)
- 1/4 yard of fabric for sashing (optional)
- 1/2 to 3/4 yard of fabric for final border (depending on desired width)
Photo on the left shows you what panel I started from and how I chose to cut it up.

I chose NOT to use the extra images and blocks in the panel, just the middle part. because i did not want to cut through the snowmen, I shifted my image a bit to the left and finally, the size of my rectangles was 5 1/2" x 7".
To make the actual window panes: 
- cut 2" strips of the two fabric that will make window side (vertical one) and window silt (horizontal one). The choice of fabric for this is quite important - to get that illusion of a 3-dimensional window! On the right you can see my auditioning of several blue fabrics. Choice 1 was OK but maybe a bit too much difference in shades of the two blues? Choice two was a bit better but I really liked the snowflake fabric from choice 1, so I tried that one in choice 3 and - BINGO! Normally I wouldn't consider fabric with an obvious print (snowflakes), but this one was very subtle and it gives the illusion of snow falling outside the window - YAY! :)

- Once you chose and cut your 2" strips, trim them to be as long as the side of the pane they are going be sewn to + the width of the strip. Example: my panes were 5 1/2" x 7" and strip width was 2" - so vertical strips were 9" long and horizontal strips were 7 1/2". Good news is - they can always be a bit longer! So if you are nervous - just cut them slightly longer! :)

- Next, you need to label a dot in the lower left corner (pointed by pencil) of every pane, on the WRONG side of the fabric. Third photo bellow shows you how to use a ruler and label a dot that is 1/4" from BOTH edges of the fabric.
This dot is a mark for sewing.
Now is the time to sew those strips to the panes and miter the corner! Yes, I did say MITER the corner! ;) I know many of you are intimidated by mitered corners, but there really is no need for that! With few steps to follow - it works every time!

To sew the vertical strip to the left side of the window pane, put the strip and the pane right sides together, with the pane on the top and with the upper raw edges aligning (first photo on the right).
NOTE: pane should be on the top so that you can see that dot you labeled while you sew! Extra length of the strip should be on the on the bottom (where the dot is). Sew with 1/4" seam, ONLY TO THE DOT and backstitch (pointed on the middle photo, enlarged on the last photo, above right). 
To sew the horizontal strip: 
put the strip and the pane right sides together, so that raw edges are aligning and extra length of the strip is on the side where dot is (A)
- start sewing from the dot (literally lower your needle right into the dot)
- be careful not to catch the previous strip while starting - you need to fold it away (shown with red arrow, photo B)
- once you are done - there should be a small square of the pane fabric left un-sewn in the corner (red arrow, photo C). This will ensure that mitering work well!

To miter that corner:

- lay your window pane on the table as shown

- take the upper right corner and fold it over to the lower left corner, folding the piece on the diagonal (middle photo)

- straighten the piece so that two strips are on top of each other and aligned

- to mark the sewing line, take the square ruler (I used the 6" one) and align the 45 degree line of the ruler (one that goes from corner to corner) with the top edge of the strips (see photo)

-push the edge of the ruler so that it touches the stitching you did (pencil is pointing to the stitching)

- mark the line with the pencil along the ruler. This is your sewing line!

- pin this in place without disturbing or lifting the layers (just slide in one pin perpendicular to the line, like shown)

1. Start stitching from the side closer to the pane, right where the previous stitching ended (pointed in photo 1)

2. Stitch to the end of the line (photo 2)

3. Open up the piece and check that your mitered corner lays flat and everything is correct

4. If all is well, trim the excess fabric from the mitered corner and press that seam OPEN (photo 5).

Repeat this for all your window panes (I had 9) and here is how they look laid out:

 Isn't it amazing how it looks 3-D? :)
You can choose to leave it as it is and sew 9 pieces together, but I also auditioned having narrow sashing that will actually give it a look of a window - so some white for sashing and a snowy border:
I like this version better! 

If you choose to add sashing, first cut 6 strips of the desired width (mine are 1 1/4") and as long as your window panes. Sew two strips in each of 3 rows, joining 3 window panes with them -just like shown on the photo.

Once you sewn those, lay down all 3 rows and cut TWO sashing strips that are the same length as the rows and attach them on the bottom of top and middle row.

Now is the time to add borders! The outside part of the white sashing will be added together with the final border.
I joined each wide, final border strip with one narrow white strip - all long enough for mitered borders:
Four borders, read to be sewn and mitered!

To miter the borders, process is exactly the same as when we were sewing the window panes! Mark the dots in corners, 1/4" away from each edge, sew border strips from dot to dot, fold the quilt and mark the sewing line, pin and sew!
Once you miter all four corners, your holiday window is done!
Remember, this could be done also with a nice print, with a panel with smaller images, etc. - lots of creative options! Have fun!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Festival of small projects - Day 11


Good Sunday morning everyone! 

Are you having fun with the BLOG HOP PARTY AND GIVEAWAYS
If you just tuned-in today, the link above will take you to Michele Foster'
s fenomenal Quilting Gallery web site, with all the information about this great birthday celebration - Happy Birthday Quilting Gallery!! Lost of fun and great prizes to win! 
Here on my blog, just leave me a comment for a chance to win great prize (see previous post!) and if you want to double or triple the chance - "Like" my Facebook page (link on the right side!) or follow my blog and leave me additional comment that you did. 
I am so excited to be a prat of this great fun and so very honored and humbled that you all are visiting here! Thank you all for all the wonderful comments and kind words! 

 Of course, here is the continuation of our Festival of small projects - today, it is a very easy but very festive table runner for the holidays, using again some of those 3-D flowers you learned to make on Day 2 (click HERE for that tutorial). Can you tell I LOVE those flowers - LOL!
Let's get started:
My table runner finished 18" x 56", but you can vary that to fit your needs. For the one of this size, you will need:
- Main t. runner fabric - 1/2 yard (you will need a 10 1/2" strip along the whole width of fabric, and FOUR 3 1/2" squares)
- Basket fabric - TWO 10/1/2" x 5 1/2" rectangles
- Thin border - FOUR 1 1/4" strips of red (along the whole width of fabric)
- Wide border - FOUR - 3 1/2" strips of border fabric (by the whole width of fabric)
- Poinsettias - you will need 5" circles and 3" circles of different red fabric (about 3-4 circles per flower), 5" circles of green fabric (for leaves, one circle will give you 2 leaves) and 2" circles of yellow/gold fabric for each flower center
- You will also need a 20" x 58" piece of batting and backing and if you choose to do regular binding, fabric for binding (I will use red in mine!) - you will need FOUR 2 1/4" strips (along the whole width of fabric) for binding.

1. For the main body of the runner, cut a 10 1/2" strip along the whole width of fabric. My fabric was 44" wide, so I trimmed it to be 40" long and used that extra piece to cut my 3 1/2" squares (see bellow).

2. To make the Baskets: cut TWO 10 1/2" x 5 1/2" rectangles from chose basket fabric (black print in mine) and FOUR 3 1/2" squares of the main t. runner fabric (see photo on the right)

3. Mark one diagonal line, from corner to corner, on the WRONG side of all your 3 1/2" squares.

4. Place those squares on the basket fabric rectangles, RIGHT sides together and as shown in the photo (raw edges aligning and diagonal line touching the edges of the rectangle). Pin in place to secure tfor stitching.

5.Stitch on the drawn line on all squares (total of 4 squares), to get a basket rectangle looking like the one on the photo.

6. Flip up the green triangles and press and here is your "basket" for the flowers! It should measure 10 1/2" x 5 1/2" now.

To finish the table runner:

1. Simply attach the two baskets you just made to the two narrow sides of the main table runner strip(one that is 10 1/2" x 40"). Runner will look like the one on the photo.

NOTE: - I left the whole strip plain on purpose since I figured usually something (like a center piece or candle or ...) sits on the table runner, but you can see how easily you could add maybe one block in the middle, or some applique, if you like!

To add borders, I was auditioning two possibilities - add just the main border print:

...or add a narrow, accent border strip too:
I thik you would agree that red one makes it so much more festive! So, form the FOUR strips of each fabric that I said to cut (above), I took one of each (wide and narrow) and cut it in half to get two strips that are about 20" long - those were strips for two short sides of the runner. Another strip also got cut in half - those halves were added to the remaining two LONG strips to get the needed length for the LONG sides of the runner ( adding ~20" long strip to the ~40" long strip will make ~60" long strip needed for the long sides of the runner)
Once I had all the strips in needed length, I joined one narrow (red) strip to one wide (green print) strip first, then sewed them to my runner and then mitered the corners and - VOILA! Main part of the runner is done:
Those baskets now need to be filled with festive Poinsettia flowers!!
 NOTE: If you plan to some machine (or hand) quilting on your table runner, it is easier to do it BEFORE you add all the flowers. You can quilt and bind your table runner first and then "plant" your flowers. :)

If you didn't make any 3-D flowers with me so far (from previous tutorials), click HERE to see how to make them. How many flowers and how big is totally up to you - I made 3 large ones for each side, but it could be more, less...Here is how my basket looks:
Once you secure your flowers to the runner - TA-DAH!! Your festive runner is done!
Put a centerpiece or a candle with the matching candle wreath (from previous tutorial) for a great holiday table!
I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy project. As always, let me know what you think or if you made one - I would love to hear from you or see the picture!
Of course - leaving a comment on this post too qualifies you for a prize drawing at the end of the BLOG HOP (if you didn't leave one already on previous post).
Have a wonderful Sunday,