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Blog Hop Party - time for a giveaway!

Good morning!
Are you ready to hop, have fun and win some good prizes? 

To all new visitors to my blog - WELCOME! I am so happy an honored you are visiting with me!

For a quick introduction - I am relatively new to the blogging world but not new to the sewing and quilting. Have been sewing since I was about ten years old and saw my first quilt only when I came to live in US, about 20 years ago.However, even when I knew nothing about quilting, I always had way more fabric than I could use - so quilting must have been in my DNA even then! :) Ever since my best friend introduced me to quilting in 1994, it quickly became the big joy of my life, the passion, the creative expression that speaks to my heart and makes me a better person. I very much enjoy teaching quilting, designing patterns and inspiring my students to play and explore their own creative wealth. Now with this blog and my new Facebook page, I hope to share it even more with all of you!
Now lets get to the fun stuff! I am really excited to participate in my first Blog Hop hosted by Quilting Gallery and I am sure you will have tons of fun visiting all the blogs! Not to mention all the great stuff you can win! Speaking of prizes - I have to admit I was a bit nervous about what to choose for my prize... Then I started thinking - what would I like any quilter to have? What is one thing you can never have enough - A GOOD BOOK! And when it comes to books, one of my favorite authors is Joen Wolfrom - a quilter and teacher extraordinaire and an amazing inspiration when it comes to color and how to use it in your quilts. Joen's books really made a difference in my quilting and creative expression and I hope they will in yours too! So here is what you can win:

1. Visual Coloring by Joen Wolfrom - the great book about how to choose colors for your quilts!

2. Adventures in Design - the newest book by Joen Wolform!

3. well, I had to trow in just a little bit of fabric too! :) Just to get you started in playing with colors!

All you have to do is leave me a comment any time between today and Dec. 17th (midnight) on this post or any post after this one and I will choose a winner by random drawing!

As long as you are here - make sure you check out older posts and all the holiday projects tutorials!

Want toy have more than one chance in winning? Go to my Facebook page (if you are on Facebook) and "Like" it or even post a photo of any of the small projects you made from my tutorials!
Made any of the small projects but not on Facebook? No problem - just leave me a comment that you did and send me a photo by email (you'll find it in my profile) and with your permission - I will post it for a show and share! :)

Looking forward to all this fun and god luck to you all!


PS - we are coming back to our Holiday project tutorials tomorrow!


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