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Festival of small projects - Day 4

UPDATE NOTE (Dec. 5): The last set of instructions in this post was missing a set of photos - as kindly pointed out to me by Diana in comments -thanks Diana! Photos are there now - sorry everyone for any confusion! Another clarification - all my seam allowances are 1/4" unless otherwise noted.

Good Sunday morning everyone! It is a beautiful one here n Buffalo NY, and if you feel like sewing today, let's make some placemats that will go nicely with the table runner from yesterday!
This one is simple and quick and has a handy pocket for the napkin and silverware! For each place mat you will need:
- ONE 12 1/2" square of print for the main piece of the place mat (floral in the photo above)
- ONE 12 1/2" x 6 1/2" rectangle of off white (under the pocket)
- ONE 6 1/2" square of pocket lining
- 2 1/2" strips of chosen fabrics for the pocket (1 strip of the middle fabric and 2 strips (each) of two fabric on left and right (if you use strips along the whole width of fabric and make a strip set (see bellow) you will have enough or at least 6 place mats)
- ONE 12 1/2" x 18 1/2" rectangle of backing and one  rectangle of batting  (of the same size)
First, lets make that pocket!
It is made by using the same technique of strip-piecing, cross-cutting, staggering the segments and sewing them together, like we used for the table runner. This only difference is, for the pocket, you will need only 5 strips:

These are the five strips I chose an sewn them into a strip-set, just like for the table runner (remember to press all seams to the same side!).

Next, cut the 2 1/2" segments from the strip set (as many as you can) - see instructions in previous post. Remember to turn every other one for 180 degrees, so that you would have those nested seams when joining them together (see previous post).

Here are all 2 1/2" segments cut, staggered and sewn together just like we did for the table runner!

Make the cut to give the unit the straight edge just as shown on the picture.

Once you straighten the edge, it is time to cut pieces for the pocket. You can choose to cut any length of the pocket you like - I chose to simply cut at every other "point" (see Photo A) and that gave me the length of 5 3/4". Width, after cutting away those points (to straighten the edges), was 6 1/4" (Photo B)- those are the dimensions of my pocket.
To finish the pocket - have the square of pocket lining fabric to match the dimensions of the pocket Photo1) and place them RIGHT sides together (Photo 2). Stitch two pieces together ONLY on the side that will be the top of the pocket (photo 3). Turn the lining over so that two pieces are now WRONG sides together (photo 4) and press that one seam so that you have nice edge of the pocket (Photo 5).

It is now time to put the place mat together!
- Take the 12 1/2" rectangle you cut and your pocket and lay the pocket on the RIGHT side of the rectangle, as shown on Photo P1, and pin to secure.
- Place the 12 1/2" square of the print on the left side of the pocket (Photo P2) and flip the pocket rectangle so that it is now on the square, RIGHT sides together and pin. Stitch the seam joining the pocket rectangle and the large square (Photo P3). Press the seam towards the large rectangle and the top of your placemat is done! (Photo P4).

Time to add some batting and backing and finish the place mat!
- With the place mat on the table (RIGHT side up), place the piece of backing RIGHT side down on top of it and batting on top of that (Photo M1). Pin in place.
- stitch all three layers together, leaving an opening big enough to turn (Photo M2).
- Turn the place mat right side out through the opening (Photo M3) and stitch all the way around it, catching the open seam to close it (Photo M4). TA-DAH!! Your place mat is done!! Tuck the napkin and silverware in the pocket for an elegant table setting.

I think a set of these can be a great present too!
Happy stitching,
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