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Festival of small projects - Day 8


Good Thursday morning everyone! It is a chilly and sunny one here - all in preparation of some serious lake-effect snow coming in tonight, according to the weatherman. Oh well, as long as it is not a serious driving trouble, snow is OK by me, not to mention our snow-loving Alaskan Malamute, Marley - he can't wait! :)

It is a quick and easy project for today! It uses strips of fabric (cut or torn, depending on the look you like) and those lovely poinsettia flowers we learned how to make in Day 2 (click here for the tutorial on Poinsettia flowers) and a small (~ 6" diameter) wreath ring (available in any craft store).

Here is what I started from:

- made the Poinsettia flower but skipped the green leaves (figured, since my strips are mostly green, that's enough green!). Look at the link above for the supplies needed for the Poinsettia.
- cut 1 1/2" wide strips from variety of green fabrics, using my pinking blade (but strips could be cut with regular blade or torn for a more rustic look). For the wreath ring I was using (grape vine one in the photo), strips needed to be about 12" long. I also liked the look of the ends of strips cut on-point (photo), but that is optional too! I used about 40-50 strips in this wreath.
- found the 6" diameter grape-vine wreaths in my local craft store that were VERY inexpensive. Although, any style ring would work (foam, wire...) or maybe you can re-purpose an old, small picture frame...round, or even the square one! Now that's an idea! (that just came to my head as I am typing this...will have to try it!:) )

To start making the wreath:

1. Fold one strip of fabric in half (making the loop as shown), wrong sides together.

2. Pull the folded strip under the wreath ring, with your fingers in the loop as shown.

3. With your fingers through the loop of fabric, grab the two ends of the strip....

4. ...and pull them through the loop. Pull tight as far as you can go and that's it! Continue like that with a variety of strips until you fill-in the wreath.

5. Here is how mine looked like about half-way through. FUN!

Once you make your small wreath, take the poinsettia flower (one or more!) and either glue-gun it in place or secure it to wreath with needle and thread and - TA-DAH!! A pretty candle ring, quilters-style!

I can imagine one of these in so many different colors - white and gold fabric with white or gold candle, silvery-blue fabric and silver or blue candle, reds...Also, it can decorate not only your candle but potted plant, or a holiday vase...

And for a contemporary look - do this covering an old picture frame - yes, square or rectangular - and hang it as a not-your-grandma's-wreath on the door or wall!
Hope you will have fun with this one! I would LOVE to see what you create! - send me a picture or post it on my Facebook page (link is on the right side!).
Have a joyful Thursday,


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