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Been quiet, been quilting...need a break!

Oh my - it has been more than a month?
I really, really don't want to do this -disappear for a long time, but this passed month was just a bit crazy...Lots of work (at work), family happenings and all the quilty stuff of course! Still, that is just an excuse, and I don't like excuses...
So - to all of you great bloggers, how do you do it? How do you stay somewhat regular (if not very regular) bloggers? I need some kind of recipe? Schedule? Discipline? Let me know pleaseeee... :)

OK - back to some quilty stuff.
 It is Quilt Show time! I belong to the Amherst Museum Quilters Guild and every two years we have a really beautiful Quilt Show (if I may say so!). On average around 300 quilts on exhibit in a beautiful Amherst Museum setting, dozen or more vendors, Mini Quilt Auction, live demonstrations of newest quilting techniques or products, Basket and Quilt raffle and just plain fun!! If you are anywhere close to western NY area, don't miss it!! All the information is on the sites linked above - come to have some fun, inspiration and really good time! By the way - admission also gives you admission to the Amherst Museum (soon to change the name to Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village), so kids and your non-quilting family can have good time too. Since picture is always worth thousand words, here is a collage I made from some photos of the last show - so see for yourself:
Yes, I am very, very partial, but trust me - it is really a spectacular show! :)
I promise to take lots of pictures and blog about it - not only the show itself, but also the show set-up, which I am in charge of. Love, love, LOVE doing it, with all my guild friends, it is a lot of work, but it really is a lot of fun too.
Oh, and one very important thing - if you do come, just ask for me - I would LOVE to meet you in person!!

Need one more visual incentive - how about our beautiful Raffle Quilt - it could be yours for a dollar!!

It is queen size (96" x 96"), in cheerful thirties fabrics, machine pieced, hand appliqued and machine quilted (by yours truly).
Bellow is a detail photo, so you can see some quilting.

So, what about my entries (ones I talked about in the last post), you might ask? I am still working on them - YEIKS!! Yeah, I know, I am a "last minute diva", or more accurately  - last minute bum? Some day...I will be more organized...some day....again, any tips you might have to help - I would love to hear them! :)
But in some (pathetic?) defense, here is what my priority list was:
1. finish quilting the Raffle Quilt (so it will sell lots of tickets during the show - a fundraiser for the Museum's fund to acquire more quilts into the permanent collection )
2. finish several pieces to contribute to Mini Quilt Auction (a fundraiser for our Guild's educational fund)
3. finish my show entries
Well, two down, one more to go! :) First one you saw above, second is bellow - my contribution for the auction:

These are three wall hangings made using the "woven" technique, from Ana Faustino's book Simply Stunning Woven Quilts. These are such fun to make - you can't stop! They also make a very good use of one of my favorite type of fabrics - colors gradations.
I have quite a few of these in various stages of completion, but figured - Christmas and cats - should be popular for the auction!

And for the third one - my show entries, let's make that a next blog post, now I have to get back to my sewing room!
'Til next time (soon!), have a wonderful weekend,
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