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Time to celebrate and have a GIVEAWAY, YAY!!!

Today is the day - my pattern, Colors of October is published in wonderful The Quilt Pattern Magazine - May issue! And if I am not already beyond thrilled and excited - it is on the cover too, LOOK:

I am so excited, I can barely sit on my chair!!!

I have to repeat here too - I am so very grateful to TQPM staff for giving me this opportunity, it was a pure pleasure working with them!
If you are a quilt pattern designer, or if you would like to try and be one - I highly recommend submitting your patterns or articles to TQPM! As it states on their web site, they are more than a magazine, they are a family of quilters! In the same time - staff is so very professional and their execution of patterns and the whole magazine is amazing - trust me, your pattern will look so good and yet it will have your "stamp" on it, since TQPM ladies like to have it published as YOU wrote it, to let your personality shine - how awesome is that?
If you are a quilter who loves creative patterns, good articles, block of the month and more - I highly recommend the subscription to TQPM!! (I was a subscriber before becoming a contributor!) It is an amazing value - for less money than any other magazines you will get a brand new issue EVERY MONTH! And for all of you still resistant to having a digital magazine only - trust me, it is a future! I am not saying ALL of your magazines should be digital and I truly understand the need to curl-up on the couch with a paper magazine and a cup-of-something, but having a digital magazine has so many other advantages and yes - it is environmentally so much more responsible, don't you agree?
Colors of October will be a 4 part workshop, going on from May to August issue and I tried to pack it with as much learning and fun as I could - variations on the techniques, possibilities of each block, color variations...And the best part - when you are subscriber to TQPM, you can also be a member of their on-line community and forum, called Pattern Pastiche - a fun place to chat with fellow quilters about many things, to work on a project together (yes, there is a PP Group for Colors of October now!) and to cheer each other as we need it - what's not to love!

Before we go on to the important stuff (giveaway of course), here are few more photos of the quilt:

-I think this photo was taken just before the month of October, in my backyard

- Detail of quilting - I used black thread in the black background since I wanted to maintain the sharp contrast between black and all the bright colors and a variegated thread (having all these beautiful fall colors in it!) in the print and fall colors.
Initially I thought I will use that variegated thread everywhere, I was even convinced it was a perfect one to use, but then realized that would "over-crowd" the whole thing...Realization happened as I quilted the middle (Bear Paw block) and saw the variegated thread in small parts of black background - you can see that in the photo bellow.

So, what do you think? Do you sometimes have that kind of "Ah-HA" moment?

OK, let's get to the important part!!
As you can see, I am really excited about my first pattern in the magazine and I really, REALLY like The Quilt Pattern Magazine, so I want some of you to try it out too!
I am celebrating with a giveaway of  TWO subscriptions to this wonderful new magazine!

Just leave me a comment bellow by midnight Sunday, May 6th - tell me if you like to work with dark backgrounds in your quilts? If not, why not?

UPDATE - giveaway time is extended to Friday, May 11th - so go ahead and comment-away! :) I will randomly pick and notify winners on Saturday!

Double or triple your chances by following my blog, joining me on Facebook (button on the right) or even checking out (and maybe following? :)  ), my guild's blog (I co-write it my fellow guild member and it is full of great links, information, photos and, in very near future, tutorials too). Just leave a separate comment that you did it!

Have a wonderful Tuesday,
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