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It is that time again - Blog Hop Party and a giveaway!!

Good morning!

It is a gorgeous Saturday morning here and I am soon off to do one of my favorite things - teach a quilt class! But not before we start some fun party here - it is time for another Blog Hop Party and a giveaway - hooray!

Hosted by wonderful Michele, over at Quilting Gallery, many great blogs to visit, learn new things and of course win some great prizes - lots of fun to start off the new school, fall, cooler-weather-more-quilting season! :)
So what's my prize? Recently I found this lovely book in my favorite quilt shop:
 It is "Accent on Angles" by Susan Purney-Mark! I have no idea how I missed it before, but I just love, love LOVE this book! Susan is a well known quilt artist and teacher and I love her work. You can find much more about it on Susan's web site.
So - for the fun during this party week, I will show you different things I will be doing from Susan's book and one of you lucky quilters will get a copy of her own at the end! Just leave me a comment, starting today - on this post or any other post during the week (until September 3rd), and you will be eligible to win! You can increase your chances by  joining me on Facebook, following my blog, or following Susan's blog or her Facebook page! Just let me know in a separate comment (you know the drill!) :) This giveaway is open to anyone - yes I will ship internationally too! Good luck!

I am off to have some fun with Angles and this great book and promise to report on it here!
Have a wonderful weekend,


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