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It only takes a moment to feed the soul...


Here I am in the rare moment to spare this busy week...finished with work in the lab and waiting for a hubby to finish so we can go home and continue with the "schedule" of dinner, holiday preps, nursing the old cat and few other things...you know that drill.
I often use these kind of moments to catch up on my emails, quilty groups, blogs and other things that bring me little joys. :) This time, through the amazing quilt-art group, that brings me so much inspiration, learning and support, I found a series of YouTube videos by amazing Luana Rubin (owner of on-line fabric paradise called eQuilter.com and champion of quilt art), about International Quilt Festival in Houston. Yes, we have seen pictures, read some great reviews and admired it all, but there is something about Luana's descriptions, choices, music in the background that made it all special.
That was IT! A moment to feed the soul, just few minutes that spark the inspiration - unexpected, treasured and so important. YAY!
So, just in case you did not see them yet, I have to share!
Here is one about Luana's favorite quilts: IQF 2012, Houston, TX - QUILTS
One from Luana's beautiful daughter, Sophie: IQF 2012 - Kid's Eye View
And this one is my favorite - seasons in nature are my everlasting inspiration too: IQF 2012-SAQA Exibit Seasonal Palette

In this time when we, more than usual, think about what we are thankful for - these kind of moments are some of the important ones on my list.
Hope you have this kind of moments too!
Here are few photos I took on one of the lovely walks with our dogs during this glorious autum, enjoy!
They just love the road trip! :)
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