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Celebrate your local quilt shop!


Hi everyone,

hope your 2013 is still going strong? Resolutions still intact? :) He, he...
Mine, not so much...Year starting a bit crazy, lots of work (at work), some flu...still catching up - yeah, boring stuff.
SO - lets talk about something FUN - your local quilt shop! Do you have one close by? Or more than one? I often talk with my quilting buddies about how lucky we are here in western NY - we have so many!! Just in few miles radius I have SIX!! At least another five or six  approximate 60 miles radius too - can you believe it? So, no wonder my fabric stash is just about ready to bury me alive...ha, ha!
Anyway - why am I telling you all this? I just recently found out that this coming Thursday, January 24th is National Local Quilt Shop Day - YAY!!
And of course, industrious, creative quilting community rallied up to make a proper celebration of it all - there is a great web site, list of all participating shops, even a great photo contest that you can enter - read it all HERE!

 Above all - lets really celebrate by visiting our wonderful local quilt shops!

I hope most of you do have one close by - as much as all this internet shopping is also fun and convenient, there is nothing like going into a shop full of amazing fabric, inspiring quilts and projects and friendly people who share your passion for creation. I am lucky enough not only to go and visit but also teach in my MOST local, (walking distance from my house!), favorite shop - Threads of Time in Amherst, NY.
So just for fun (and if you live fairly close and haven't been yet!), I will give you a tour! Of course, you will find lots more information and great photos on shop's web site too, so don't miss that!)
Located at so called Northtown plaza, this is what you see when you park:
And when you just step in - fabric, of course! :)
And to your left - a whole array of amazing Pfaff sewing machines with smiling face of one of the two owners - Mari! (hope I will catch Jeanette next time too! :) )
Oh, and see that little cart in the lower left corner? It's for you - to take a load off if carrying your sewing machine (either for class or to be serviced - yes, they have two amazing techs, Wally and Jim who can service ANY sewing machine to perfection!) - see:
Also right there - see what's new in the store and how fabulous it goes together:
You can sometimes see the amazing machine in action too: (can you believe it - its making a Feathered Star? :)  )

OK, now move along from the front door (don't you just love how sometimes you get stuck at the front for a while, when coming into a new store - so much to take in! :)  ):

Lots of beautiful class samples to see!

And more....

And more...:)
And not just quilts - all kind of small sewing projects, fit for anyone - look what they make in Creative Club:

You will likely see Ann doing her magic with that long arm machine and shop staff making some samples (here is amazing Ms. Mable cutting and sewing!)

Did I mention magic on a long arm - how fabulous is Ann's work?!

And if you just have few minutes to pick up few fat quarters - they are right here for you!
Step-in a little further to a lovely check-out counter and cutting table:
And books galore (yes, Rosellen makes sure all the latest trends and best books are here!)
Or if you need just few colors of thread...I think you will find them here: (talk about COLORS!)

Or any other notion you might need?
Ok now, let's talk fabric! I love this room, I call it a Baby room - baby and novelty fabric galore, cute panels and flannels:

Oh and then my favorite - Batik Wall!!!
Or how about some elegant paisleys - with an idea for a the project right there!

With fat quarters ready! :)

Yeah - lots and lots of fat quarters!

So if you make it passed all that, (I usually don't easily!), you will arrive to the lovely, spacious classroom (and you just might find me in there too! :)  )
Here are some of my lovely students, working hard
and with a completed VERY first quilt - how awesome is that?! (yes, I teach beginners and absolutely LOVE it!!)

I could talk about my students on and on - oh, hey maybe I will but in another post! :)
So bottom line - I am sure you will agree with me that having a wonderful local quilt shop is just THE BEST!!
 I hope you can celebrate that ANY day of the year, but if you have a chance - do it on Thursday, January 24th - VISIT YOUR LOCAL QUILT SHOP(S) AND HAVE SOME FUN!!

 Don't forget - you can take a picture and submit it for a photo contest to win BIG!! You will find all the instructions HERE
Oh wait - maybe we can have some fun here too? Hmm....good thought, so come back here, on my blog on Thursday too and we will have some fun giveaway too! :)

Happy Tuesday,

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