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Tribute to Marko the Cat

Hi everyone,

first I have to apologize for not following up on my intentions of having that fun and giveaway on the Local Quilt Shop Day, but life came in the way...
Unfortunately we had to say goodby to our beloved cat, Marko after almost 19 wonderful years of love, laughs and cuddles. I know lots of you know exactly  how hard it is to say goodby to a beloved pet - I have to admit I somehow forgot how hard it is. After all, I was fortunate to avoid that in last almost 19 years. :)
We brought Marko home as a small kitten, from a co-worker's litter of 5 - he was the only one with silver tabby color...We picked him because he look like most cats did back in old home country (former Yugoslavia), only to find out that here in US this color is really not that common - who knew! We were fresh immigrants, kids were small and they wanted a pet so much - so as soon as we moved to apartment that allowed pets, Marko came into our lives. He was a spunky kitten - slept wherever he liked (no cat beds for him!), loved to roll pencils off the table and under the rug or to tip over glasses on the table, to make a little puddle and play in it. :)
At first, we were going to have him as an indoor cat, mostly out of fear that something would happen to him, but Marko wouldn't have that - ran out every chance he had, until we realized he simply is NOT an indoor cat! Oh but  he was smart - at first encounter with snow (the whole 1/2 inch of it!) he decided it is NOT for him and from that point on he would simply be an indoor cat during the winter - how smart was that! Even the plenitude of birds on the bird-feeder would not be enough to entice him to go out - he would ask me to open the door but then - one paw in the snow and - oh NO, back inside!

Oh and did he rule the neighborhood... In summertime he would spend entire night out, hunting and who knows what else and occasionally we would hear those awful cat fight type screams...Marko was always home in the early morning without a scratch! So he was either the smartest or the fastest! :)

He would even bring us presents - half eaten mouse or whatever...right in front of the door! Love this photo of him, with the tongue out.

He was my sewing "helper" occasionally - if I piled up some fabric on the cutting table, he would find it perfect to snuggle on. Or, maybe a quilt on the bed to sprawl on, like bellow:

Or to tuck his nose in...

Once the dogs came into our life, he very quickly established who is the boss - regardless of the fact that Marley, the Alaskan Malamute grew to be about 10 times bigger! Mr. Marko would not have anything to do with those...dogs! Marley tried....

Doesn't this picture say - "stay away from me you...dog!" Ha, ha!

Then, once, and only once - this happened! It lasted for about 5 minutes and I think Rocky was stunned.

When Marko got older, he was much more into some routines. As I would come downstairs in the morning, dogs would be there asking to go out of course and as soon as that back door would close behind them, there was my Marko with a big MEOW that meant - it is MY time! Good long back massages with some under chin petting followed until he was happy to continue with his day.

Once the dogs returned inside, got their morning treat and my coffee was done, this was my favorite way to start the day - Marko on my lap, dogs in the bay window - all of us watching the neighborhood wake up.
How I miss my Marko these mornings.

This is one of my favorite photos from those mornings, taken just this passed summer.

Another favorite spot - right in front of the computer screen! Too bad if you actually want to see it or work - Marko comes first! :)

He was the best, savvy, most handsome cat that gave us so much love. We sort of grew up together here in America, he was a big part of our "this is home now" feelings once we settled in our new home country. He will forever have special place in our hearts. Love you my Marko.
Wishing you all the blessings of animal love and affection,
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