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Life's happenings and new beginnings...

Hello again,

yeah I know - MIA again. It seems this year can't get up on a good leg when it comes to our beloved pets. After having to say goodby to our cat Marko in January, two more goodbys - more shocking and sad too. Our darling grand-puppy Romulus (one that I was worried about in my last post) did loose that battle..it was leukemia after all, and he had no chance...took him away within ten days. :(

We had only 16 short months with him, but boy was he a spunky-monkey! He never stopped running and playing, he gave us so much love and laughter, kisses and snuggles - seems like somehow, he lived his whole life out in these 16 months... :) Love you forever my little Romi.

And if that wasn't enough heartbreak for the entire family, another strike happened just about 10 days ago...we lost our darling Rocky too...

Rocky was rescued as a puppy by our youngest son about 5 years ago, but boy did he ever rescued us, many times over... He was timid and shy but we worked on it all the time and he made such amazing progress.

He loved road trips with his big brother Marley...

When you say word "WALK" his eyes would lit up! :) And even thought Marley is a snow dog that loves outsides in any weather, Rocky was right there with him.

He loved his toys - and yes in this position too (bottoms up!!)

After the summer walks - this was the first place to go - Rocky's private pool! :) He would cool off first and then continue with other stuff!

He gave us so much love. he was THE BEST in puppy kisses and snuggles - he was THE BEST, period.

We are all so heartbroken, but it seems these 5 years were all he had in him - after all that we tried, it seems that Rocky had a condition that simply did not have any symptoms that we could see and then it just took him away like a tornado...Poisoning of any kind was the first thing vet could rule out. His red blood cells were deadly high, he had a seizure and then just started to shut down...maybe polycythemia, maybe spleen condition... we will never know for sure, but I have to believe that we and the vet did everything we could for him.
It took me all these days to even be able to write this without falling apart...I will miss you forever my Rocky.
They say trouble comes in threes - are we done now? For a while? I sure hope so.
With all other heartbreak out there in the world - tragedies in Boston and West TX that kept us holding our breath, asking why, crying with victim's families... this spring is somehow fighting us, trying out our resolve..doesn't it??
And then, you turn around and yes - beauty of mother nature is coming up yet again...

Brilliant color right next to last season's dry leaves...

 fresh morning dew on new blooms...

morning sunshine through beautiful petals....

And so we go on...:)

Things are brewing inside for the creative part of me to express all these emotions, after the initial pain and sorrow that paralyzes... there will be a quilt or two coming out of all this, I am sure... :)
In the meantime, I promise to share all the beautiful inspirations I took in at the recent Internatinal Quilt Festival in Cincinnati, next time.
Wishing you joys of new blooms and bright skies this spring,
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