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Bolgger's Quilt Festival

Hi everyone,

I am popping-in here to take part in wonderful Blogger's Quilt Festival, hosted by Amy, of Amy's Creative Side ! It's a great quilting community that I love to visit and wanted for a while to participate in the festival too and somehow always missed the deadline...Well, this time I am right "under the buzzer" too, but made it!
My share is a wall hanging that I finished some time ago  but never really talked about - it is an easy, bargello-style quilt made using wonderful color-gradation fabrics (or ombre fabric as they call them).
Do you like and use these fabrics? I really, really LOVE them and use them in many things. Hmmm...should I show you my ombre stash? Oh, well, why not:
Yeah, a whole shelf full of them. Did I mention I like ombres? he..he...

But back to my wall hanging. Once I created the bargello, the name just popped in my head - Still Waters. Have no idea why that exactly, but that is what stuck, so that is how I call it. Once that was in place, something called for some Japanese irises...and few pictures from a garden catalog later, some tracing paper and fusible interfacing and applique was set - time to quilt!

From the stash of all the yummy Aurifil threads I have, these seemed like a good choice - agree? I wanted to quilt some water textures, but not just overall design. I didn't really have the most clear idea what exactly but I just "dove-in"...It was one of those night, when you just have to go and do it. So I did.

All in all, I was happy how it turned out!
I took some more pictures out in my backyard:

Oh, in my house, it lives in the family room for now, right above big boy Marley's favorite couch spot:
I also love teaching this easy bargello method with ombre fabric. Next time I will show you some photos from few of my classes - so many amazing creative possibilities that my students came up with!
Would you do one of these? Would a tutorial be a good idea?

Thank you for spending some time with me during the Blogger's Quilt Festival ! I am on to some more blog-visiting with other participants,
have a happy, spooky Halloween,
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