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Monday, November 25, 2013

Beating the Monday blues...

Hi everyone,

Blues, what blues?! 
I am having soooo much fun reading all your comments about your quilting, it is simply amazing!! 
Thank you all so much for commenting and writing about your quilting experiences, I just LOVE it!
Of course, for all of you maybe just coming to my blog today, Quilters Blog Hop party is still on, just scroll down to the previous post and leave a comment to enter the giveaway !
I also want to welcome all new blog followers and my Facebook page likes - I truly appreciate your vote of confidence and promise to share my quilty life and experiences as much as I can! 

I want to share with you my wonderful Saturday class.
I was teaching one of the classes that just keeps coming back and everyone really enjoys it - Easy Watercolor Quilt class.
It is a simpler version of those beautiful watercolor quilts we all love - simpler because this one uses just ONE floral fabric, but it has to be chosen carefully. It can not be an overall floral fabric (with flowers uniformly all over), flowers have to be in "bunches" or bouquets... With some free background space between them. The only other fabric you need is background fabric (needs to be the same color as the background of your floral fabric). I wish I took photos of my student's fabrics, but I didn't ... Sorry! 
However, here is what they were doing:

And after few hours of building the image, here are their creations:
a beautiful, springy wreath...
A dainty, almost filigree looking, blue china wreath:

A gorgeous, double, interlocked hearts...

Aren't they simply gorgeous?
And this is without any further work of borders, quilting  and all that.Also, my photos so don't do them was a busy class and I was just snapping them with my iPad... :(

Since I always like to have one of my own in progress for the class, I made this Bountiful basket:
Now you can see why I love this class? - each quilt is unique, (you can make a wreath, heart-shaped wreath, basket, floral trellis...), it is almost an instant gratification project (it is a whole day class of 6h but everyone has their picture at least completed and fused to the interfacing, if not sewn together already), and it is just so much fun!! 

Did you ever make one of these quilts? 

Have a wonderful Monday,


  1. I took a class in this years ago and made a wreath design from pink poinsettia fabric. It is still one of my favourite quilts.

  2. Gosh wish I was close enough to come to your saturday class!
    I have some vintage Sanderson curtain fabric, the classic one with a black background and roses, lupins and foxgloves on it, wonder if this technique could work on thicker fabrics?
    Have you tried it on heavier weight fabric by any chance?
    Just love what your students have come up with, you must feel very proud when you see folks blossom like that - er, no pun intended there either!!

  3. I`ve never tried this.I`s just awesome.Have a great Thanksgiving!!

  4. omg...just gorgeous! would you consider sharing your design wall tips? I don't have enough room to have one up all the time and am having an issue finding one that is easy enough to put up and take down around family gatherings since my sewing room is our formal dining. Any tips or tricks for that would be great, the size your students have for the watercolor class looks to be perfect size for what I am needing. Thank you so much for your inspiration and tips!

    1. Hello, I am replying to you here since I don't have any other contact and hope you will find it! :) Design wall is really inexpensive and very easy to make! You will need one house insulation board - these are found in stores like Home Depot or Lowes or... and they are typically used to insulate houses from the outside when they are built. Mine said "Tyvek" on it and it had one size look like aluminum foil... There are also Styrofoam boards like that but I find that they break easily. So this board comes in size of 4ft x 8 ft, so they are BIG, but very light! I asked then in the store to just cut it for me in HALF, so I ended up with TWO boards that are 4ft x 4ft - that is what you see on the blog. These boards are also not expensive - about $10? (got mine quite some time ago...). Once you have the board, just get either a piece of white flannel, or white felt or even quilt batting - that is large enough to cover the board and wrap around a bit (so about 60"x60" is enough) - wrap it around tightly and tape with duck tape in the back and - that's it!! I like this type because I can pin into it, it is very light and I even IRON on it if I have to. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. :)