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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Giveaway winners on yet another picture perfect Wednesday

Hi everyone,

are we all cooking, baking, licking bowls...? :)
I still have a double batch of Pear cake planned for tonight (recipe HERE! ) but had to stop and do the giveaway winners announcement, of course!
Before that though, I have to say: I had so, so much fun reading all your comments!!!
 It is just so inspiring and fun to see what we all like to do for quilting, what we still strive for and want to do - thank you ALL so much for taking time to write all the great comments and visit my blog!
I wish everyone can win!
But Mr. Random Number Generator had his say and here are three lucky winners for this giveaway:
1. Quilter's Journal/Calendar, set of fabric and thread to use to quilt
 goes to comment #47...
Congratulations Connie!!!

2. A lovely quilty fiction book, butterfly fabric and another great thread for machine quilting
goes to comment #59

Congratulations Liniecat!!!!

3. Book with great quilting motifs, fabric to inspire some quilting and a thread to do it
goes to comment #88

Congratulations Susie!!

As soon as you ladies send me your addresses, packages will go in the mail - I hope you'll have some good fun!
This Blog Hop party was so much fun! I loved visiting all other blogs, reading comments and being inspired with all of you! Big thanks to Michelle for hosting!

I am not sure how it happened, but today was indeed another picture-perfect Wednesday!

We got our first, beautiful snow of the season and Marley and I had such a lovely morning walk:
 Streets like a winter wonderland...
 Branches decorated so beautifully...
 Marley, the snow-dog is happy, happy...
 Just beautiful...
 Lovely house, right?
 Is that a bunny I see?
 He does look like he is grinning, right? :)
 I think a driver in that truck thought I was a bit nuts...standing in the road to take a photo - but it was just a perfect shot! :)
 I have a thing for lamp-posts...
 My favorite photo of the morning. I call it "Oh hello winter, says autumn". I know, I am a bit nuts...
 Or maybe this one is my favorite? Love that pup...

 Just look at all the lines....
 Back home now...
 Just in time for Marley to have a nice helping of snow, right off the table - his favorite thing to do!

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday weekend,



  1. Congratulations Winners! and thanks Marija for the wonderful giveaway and for sharing your Winter Wonderland - just beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving. Karen

  2. Congratulations to the winners and thanks you for the great giveaway.Those pics are fabulous.Have an awesome thanksgiving!!

  3. beautiful! God paints the most awesome pictures for us to see!

  4. Thank you so much!! Doing my happy dance!! :) Really appreciate the chance to win!! Your pics are gorgeous!!

  5. gorgeous photos, oh wow your dog looks so much like our beloved Nikita, she passed of old age this past Feburary we miss her so much, she was with us for 15 years

  6. Am thrilled to bits - many many MANY thanks Marija!
    Marley seems to be clothed in just the right furry warmth to survive the snow lol
    Your photos make it look beautiful and I adored that snow clad autumnal leaf !