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Picture perfect Wednesday...

Frost blanket meets bright sunshine this Wednesday morning.
Colors are singing, my buddy and I walking the neighborhood with joy and camera in hand...

 Stop to enjoy...
 I think he actually SMILES! So I do too, every time I look at his face...
 Joy of walking through leaf pile - yes!
 Love my neighborhood.

 Should we run through the leaves mom? :)
 Crab apple tree gone wild...having real apples too!
 Love this house.
 White Birch, my favorite tree.
 Main Street, Amhest, NY.
 Cool place I need to visit
 Giant one.
 How can you not smile when you see these colors?
 Love our home.
 Marley knows where to go... :)
 Special treat at the end of the walk - super cold water straight from the garden faucet- it takes very little to make him happy :)


Choose happy whenever you can,
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