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Beating the Monday blues....

Hi everyone,

Hope you all ( in US) had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! For the rest, hope your week and weekend was fun!
Thanksgiving is a holiday we didn't know before coming to live in US, but it is one of my favorites now. A holiday to celebrate family and friends and to remind yourself of how thankful you are - that is what I call THE BEST reason to celebrate! 
We spent two entire days eating and enjoying family and friends, Thursday and Friday - YAY! 
Is also included puppy sitting our adorable grand-puppy, Oliver - how cute is this pup?!
Needless to say, he is a ball of energy and can even wear out our big guy, Marley but he loves it of course. Managed to have one short moment of cuddle time:
I just love that photo. :)
So, after al this good time, you would think Monday would really be a blue one, right? Actually NO! I spent a lot of time Saturday and Sunday playing in my sewing room and will do some more today - so no Monday blues here! :)
Remember that easy watercolor basket I was working on? It is finished!! These were the thread color choices I pulled from the collection of 50wt Aurifil mako cotton thread I had on hand... 
Started with that beautiful orange to enhance pumpkins and some leaves (can you see some of my doodling? Bottom of the photo...). Then it was time for a touch of gold...
Then I added some of that sage green and at the end decided that I really don't need the emerald green, but I was seriously tempted...he he. At the end, some background beige color one and kind off a free-hand cross-hatch design:
I have to admit, background was a spur of the moment decision, no proper planning or anything....just decided to wing it and...I kinda like it! :) 
Maybe next time I will try a more formal one...who knows? :)
What do you think? 
Do you carefully plan your quilting or do you wing it more often? 

So today, another one to quilt! Lined up these colors for Mr. Snowman:

Let's see how that goes!
Have a happy Monday,

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