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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Giveaway winners on yet another picture perfect Wednesday

Hi everyone,

are we all cooking, baking, licking bowls...? :)
I still have a double batch of Pear cake planned for tonight (recipe HERE! ) but had to stop and do the giveaway winners announcement, of course!
Before that though, I have to say: I had so, so much fun reading all your comments!!!
 It is just so inspiring and fun to see what we all like to do for quilting, what we still strive for and want to do - thank you ALL so much for taking time to write all the great comments and visit my blog!
I wish everyone can win!
But Mr. Random Number Generator had his say and here are three lucky winners for this giveaway:
1. Quilter's Journal/Calendar, set of fabric and thread to use to quilt
 goes to comment #47...
Congratulations Connie!!!

2. A lovely quilty fiction book, butterfly fabric and another great thread for machine quilting
goes to comment #59

Congratulations Liniecat!!!!

3. Book with great quilting motifs, fabric to inspire some quilting and a thread to do it
goes to comment #88

Congratulations Susie!!

As soon as you ladies send me your addresses, packages will go in the mail - I hope you'll have some good fun!
This Blog Hop party was so much fun! I loved visiting all other blogs, reading comments and being inspired with all of you! Big thanks to Michelle for hosting!

I am not sure how it happened, but today was indeed another picture-perfect Wednesday!

We got our first, beautiful snow of the season and Marley and I had such a lovely morning walk:
 Streets like a winter wonderland...
 Branches decorated so beautifully...
 Marley, the snow-dog is happy, happy...
 Just beautiful...
 Lovely house, right?
 Is that a bunny I see?
 He does look like he is grinning, right? :)
 I think a driver in that truck thought I was a bit nuts...standing in the road to take a photo - but it was just a perfect shot! :)
 I have a thing for lamp-posts...
 My favorite photo of the morning. I call it "Oh hello winter, says autumn". I know, I am a bit nuts...
 Or maybe this one is my favorite? Love that pup...

 Just look at all the lines....
 Back home now...
 Just in time for Marley to have a nice helping of snow, right off the table - his favorite thing to do!

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday weekend,


Monday, November 25, 2013

Beating the Monday blues...

Hi everyone,

Blues, what blues?! 
I am having soooo much fun reading all your comments about your quilting, it is simply amazing!! 
Thank you all so much for commenting and writing about your quilting experiences, I just LOVE it!
Of course, for all of you maybe just coming to my blog today, Quilters Blog Hop party is still on, just scroll down to the previous post and leave a comment to enter the giveaway !
I also want to welcome all new blog followers and my Facebook page likes - I truly appreciate your vote of confidence and promise to share my quilty life and experiences as much as I can! 

I want to share with you my wonderful Saturday class.
I was teaching one of the classes that just keeps coming back and everyone really enjoys it - Easy Watercolor Quilt class.
It is a simpler version of those beautiful watercolor quilts we all love - simpler because this one uses just ONE floral fabric, but it has to be chosen carefully. It can not be an overall floral fabric (with flowers uniformly all over), flowers have to be in "bunches" or bouquets... With some free background space between them. The only other fabric you need is background fabric (needs to be the same color as the background of your floral fabric). I wish I took photos of my student's fabrics, but I didn't ... Sorry! 
However, here is what they were doing:

And after few hours of building the image, here are their creations:
a beautiful, springy wreath...
A dainty, almost filigree looking, blue china wreath:

A gorgeous, double, interlocked hearts...

Aren't they simply gorgeous?
And this is without any further work of borders, quilting  and all that.Also, my photos so don't do them was a busy class and I was just snapping them with my iPad... :(

Since I always like to have one of my own in progress for the class, I made this Bountiful basket:
Now you can see why I love this class? - each quilt is unique, (you can make a wreath, heart-shaped wreath, basket, floral trellis...), it is almost an instant gratification project (it is a whole day class of 6h but everyone has their picture at least completed and fused to the interfacing, if not sewn together already), and it is just so much fun!! 

Did you ever make one of these quilts? 

Have a wonderful Monday,

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Quilter's Blog Hop Party time!!

YES - it is that time again! 
Time to get hopping from blog to blog, share our creativity, inspirations, good tips and of course, have some goodies to give away! Time for Quilter's Blog Hop Party hosted by wonderful Michelle of Quilting Gallery .
I don't know about you, but for me this quilting blogospere became yet another wonderful community, almost like a giant, international quilting guild, where we visit, chat, share, learn and get inspired by one another - how wonderful is that!? :)
So this Blog Hop Party's name - GIVING THANKS - is just perfect in my book! 
Because I am really thankful to be able to do this, to have you all visit my blog and spend some of your precious time with me and to get to know you by chatting or visiting your blogs. It is just awesome. 
So - I thought about this one hard and decided that the best way to be thankful is to give back (well, that is a no-brainer, right? :)  ) However, I also thought about WHAT I want to give - something that I am passionate about, something that will inspire you and something that will be fun. OK - packaging all that into just ONE giveaway is not that is one to do...? Have multiple giveaways of course! And thrown in some tutorials too, for good measure - right? 

Here are my three giveaways for this party:

1. I love, love, love fabric (well, DUH...), I am passionate about machine quilting and I would really like to be better in documenting my quilts and organize them - so this one has:
- a set of beautiful fabrics - medium print, large print and border fabric (1 yard of each) and fat quarter of accent color
- great cotton variegated thread (King Tut by Sue Nickels)
- quilters calendar with lots of inspiring photos and space to write

 2. I love reading fiction that involves quilters, quilting history or everyday life, one of my favorite color is sage green and I love accenting motifs in fabric with a good thread when machine quilting - so this one has:
-"The Guild in the Granary" - a wonderful fiction book for some relaxing time
- beautiful fabrics - green, butterflies, great details, metallic accents... (1 yard)
- beautiful metallic, variegated green thread (YLI) to accent this fabroc with some machine quilting

 3. I love variegated thread, I am always looking for new ideas and motifs to machine quilt and I love when fabric itself inspires me how to quilt it - so this one has:
- Great book with many, many machine quilting motifs by one of the best machine quilting teachers, Sue Nickels and her sister Pat Holly
- fabric with such intertesting paisley motifs
- coordinating variegated thread to go with it

Hope you like it!!

Now - how do you get a chance to win one of these? 

Simply leave a comment to THIS post, from today (Nov 21st) until Tuesday, Nov 26th (midnight) and tell me something about how you QUILT your quilts! Do you love machine or hand quilting, do you do more regular or free-motion quilting, what would you like to learn or do more, what is the hardest part for you? Anything! Lets chat! :)

If you find this blog interesting and think it's worth following or if you like to chat on Facebook and like my page - I am so very honored and grateful, so let me know in separate comment as additional chance to win!

I can't wait to read your comments, share some fun tutorials with you during this Blog Hop Party and visit all other wonderful participating blogs - let the fun begin!

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday,

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Picture perfect Wednesday...

Frost blanket meets bright sunshine this Wednesday morning.
Colors are singing, my buddy and I walking the neighborhood with joy and camera in hand...

 Stop to enjoy...
 I think he actually SMILES! So I do too, every time I look at his face...
 Joy of walking through leaf pile - yes!
 Love my neighborhood.

 Should we run through the leaves mom? :)
 Crab apple tree gone wild...having real apples too!
 Love this house.
 White Birch, my favorite tree.
 Main Street, Amhest, NY.
 Cool place I need to visit
 Giant one.
 How can you not smile when you see these colors?
 Love our home.
 Marley knows where to go... :)
 Special treat at the end of the walk - super cold water straight from the garden faucet- it takes very little to make him happy :)


Choose happy whenever you can,