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More beauties from the quilt show

Hi again my friends,

as promised, here are some more beauties from the quilt show!
I just realized while looking at more and more photos, that what I really LOVE about our guild and this show is how VERSATILE both are - we have creative members to span the whole spectrum of quilty art! From amazing traditional, hand quilted or appliqued to modern, different, new! Just LOVE it!
See what I mean:
Here is an amazing hand work of Mickey Wittlif - this beauty is appliqued by hand and hand-quilted...
and just look at that hand-quilting!

Mikey didn't care for the applique motifs in the original pattern, so she made her own - just so amazing and cute, and funny!

and yes - awards followed of course! Bravo!

 Here is the show label,
..but I just LOVE Mickey's label on the back!!

Amazing, right?
Now here is something more contemporary but equaly creative and beautiful - my friend Martha's Blue Spruce! This is her original pattern, and it is published too! You can find it HERE - and it is jelly roll friendly! Just look at this beauty...

 Proving that creativity runs in the family, here is a beauty made by Martha's niece, Marilee who is one extraordinary talented young and up and coming designer! You can follow her creative adventures on her blog too!
How cool is this:
Some close-ups and the award too - hooray!

Here is another creative gem - Cheryl's little quilt had me coming back over and over to see all the beautiful, fun embroidery!

And then there was work of some of my amazing students! These were quilts exhibited by creative ladies who only few short years ago took the Beginner's Quilting class!! To say I am PROUD is just an understatement! :)
Marie made this beauty for her friend, using photos of friend's beautiful paintings, transferring them on fabric and incorporating them into a gift for her - lucky friend, don't you think!? :)

 And an award too - HOORAY!!

Marie also made this Charlie Brown quilt - just so cool!! :)

Another student of mine, Mary with her amazing quilt:

I am just so proud of my students and happy to have had a small part in sparking their creativity that was there all along!
Here are some more fun and beautiful quilts from the show:


I loved everything about this wall hanging - just beautiful!!

How inspired are you all already! I know I am!!
Well, there was so much more at the show...and I do have so many more photos too, but I will leave you now with just few more - incredible work of one of our Guild's outstanding quilters, Lauren. Here are some of her beauties:

And of course - here is the Best of Show! Congrats to Lauren!!

If you haven't had enough ispiration my friends, you can see even more show photos on the other two blogs I contribute to - my guild's blog HERE and one I am so happy about - very first showing of quilts from many members of the young, new and growing western NY Modern Quilt Guild! Check out guild activities, calendar (maybe you want to join us, or just come to visit? Please do!) and show photos at the  WNY MQG blog!

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone,
enjoy spring's bird song, breezes and colors! :)


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