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Beauty, inspiration, technology...


Hi everyone, 
Happy Monday! 
Summer is in full swing here in western NY, and it is hot, humid and .... Oh so beautiful! :) 
Don't know about you, but after first, enjoying the beauty around me, my next instinct is to take a photo!
This is Linden tree in full bloom, (on my way from parking lot to work), that took me all the way back to my childhood instantly this morning, with its sweet fragrance... Had to take a photo. 
This beauty greets me in my garden every morning... I have tons of photos of course. 
I love everything about these flowers! The center, color, how simple but stunning it is. Look at the white one too:
Sometimes it's about the moment... Like these rain drops on my hosta:
Or my buddy right by this jasmine bush...
Or that first morning light and dew...

I just can't stop taking pictures!! :) 
I used to carry my camera with me all the time and now of course it's the iPhone... Isn't technology amazing? 
Guess what - I  am actually writing this post on my phone, on my lunch break!! Not sure how it will turn out, but decided to just try - share some of my beauty and inspiration with you, and share it NOW.

What do you think about all this technology? Does it help you? Is it distracting? 

If I am honest, I have to say that it does take perhaps some time away, time that I can be sewing, creating... One has to be careful, don't you think? 
But it is all up to US - how we will use it and how much, right? 
Here I actually used my phone to help with design. Took a photo of this variation :

And then this one:
Still couldn't quite decide... And there was something in both that I liked and something that I didn't... So I posted it to one of great Facebook quilting groups I belong to and asked for opinions! 
Now that was amazing... :) got lots and lots of them, all so lovely and positive and about split 50/50 in which one they liked! And that was the best part - reading all the comments helped ME see things in both that I like and not!! Now I know exactly what I want to do! 
So that was my example of good benefits of all this new technology, instant internet community and sharing - do you have some? Let me know! 

Speaking if "instant" - here is me, finished with lunch and heading back to the lab... Ha ha! 
Don't worry, this will still be a blog about quilting mostly, this was just a bit of fun with my new phone... :) 
Speaking if quilting - I am still playing with all that beautiful Indelible fabric collection and getting ready for  a Blog Hop next week (yay, so excited!!) - so stay tuned, it's about to get fun, colorful and quilty around here! :)
Have a fabulous Monday, 

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