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Playing with Recollection

Hi everyone, 

Hope you are all doing great!
I am popping my head in here to finally share that fun project I did as a gift for a friend, but couldn't share before she saw it. (I showed only a peek few posts ago)
Even though it was winter time and actually holiday season, I just received this entire, fabulous, gorgeous, ah-so-inspiring bundle of my friend, Katarina Roccella's  newest fabric collection for Art Gallery Fabric.
called Recollection, so I really couldn't wait to play with it...


The light spectrum...

The bold, beautiful colors and motifs that tug on my heart and soul heritage from motherland, Serbia's traditions... You should look at Katarina's inspiration while creating this beauty -  HERE!

Oh I can write pages on all the ideas and dreams I have in my head, which is probably also why I was so hesitant what to do first... You know the case when you just pet your fabric, and pet your fabric...and dream...and are almost afraid to cut into it?? Yeah, that one.
But when it was time to create my Secret Santa gift for fellow fabric lover and quilter, I knew I was going to use it! (and yeah - she did love it!!! :)  )

I started with some of my favorite block to make - 3D Flying Geese, in three different colors and sizes:

Notice how medium and small blocks have sort of "extended" background pieces? I am really having fun exploring that way of creating this block - it gives me a variety of size but yet the ease of fitting blocks together, since they are all the same width that way.  I also used it for Indelible Migration table runner.

So really, once I made those Flying Geese, and few squares with folded triangle overlay, (in the center and in the corners), -  this project was done!

Large and medium geese were left with straight edges and the smalles one got curved and stitched down...

Quilting was yet another fun play - I went with echoing some curves, some straight lines and then of course some FMQ fun!

The center square is just a 6" square of that beautiful rose print, with folded squares in four corners that I then curved and stitched. So echoing that round shape seemed like a good idea. Right?

Same thing in the corners - a 6" squares with also 6" square of that fabulous, bright yellow print as folded square, curved again:

For the corners, I was debating between yellow and navy and then decided to use them both!

All of it was quilted with this fabulous, unassuming, gentle, 50wt Aurifil gray that just quietly lays over any fabulous color, giving it a whisper of texture...

Here is a better view of quilting, from the back:

I made it into a pillow cover, so Kim can use it as a table topper, wall quilt or pillow. And of course, I am in love with this print used for the back:

Yeah, I could say it was a bit hard to part with this one...but it really wasn't!! Because, I just LOVE giving away what I make and also because - I just want to play more and more and more with this gorgeous collection!! :)

(oh and don't mind our new, beautiful gray chairs that are so not going with this old carpet, but that is changing soon...)

Looks good as a pillow too, don't you think?

Ah the play of morning light...

So, what do you think? 
Did you play maybe with this gorgeous fabric? I would love to see if you did!!

In the meantime, more recently, I saw this on Facebook and just had to have this fun shirt! I think all of us quilters need one!! Oh and if you want one, it's HERE. (no, I am definitely not affiliated, just think it is a cool shirt)

Other than that, my days are filled with love and fun with this little girl, our granddaughter Juliana - she is the absolute cutest, most precious girl in the whole wide world!!! When we are not crawling, or doing Patty Cake, or learning where is our nose, we get up in grandma's lap to see what is she reading... Yup, starting the education early!! Ha ha!!

Oh and another joy in my life? Our daughter is getting married!! YAY!!! So, this is what goes on too - looking for that perfect dress - can you say FUN??? 
Here are some ideas for now...

Lace, beautiful, whispering lace...

I can't tell you enough how much I love doing this!!!

So you won't find any winter blues here, I simply don't have time for that! And yes, I do realize how lucky and blessed I am - I am so deeply grateful for it all, EVERY DAY. Every single day.

Marley is here too, to remind me  how to love, simply and unconditionally. The only love there is.

Wishing you that love, to give and to receive, with all my heart,


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