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ETNO blog tour

Hi everyone,

how was your weekend?
Mine - as usual too fast and busy with different things, with some time in my sewing room included, of course.
Hey, guess what - it is THAT time - time for ETNO BLOG TOUR!!

ETNO is the newest collection by Pat Bravo and you can read all about inspirations and muses for this one right HERE on Pat's blog. Then hop on to the ETNO Blog Tour page of Pat's blog to see the schedule and get the link EVERY day for a new blog, new inspiration and amazing creativity!

Today, Allison Dutton of Allison Sews is opening up the tour with a lovely bag and matching pouch - I really want to make one of these!!

I am so excited about being a part of this blog tour!! And deeply, deeply grateful to Pat for including me - I am still pinching myself!! More importnatly, I keep doodling and sketching ideas...there is so many, I was almost overwhelmed with it all and didn't know what to make... But as always, at one point something just feels good and I am all ready to start...

Math is worked out, fabric lovelies are picked and stacked...what do you think?
My time on the tour will be April 7th, so stay tuned! I will try to share my progress as I go...

Tell me - what would you make from these fabrics? What comes to your mind first as you look at them? (if you don't have some already, look at the very first link in this post)

I have to admit - I always bounce back and forth between using them ALL and mixing them all up and looking at each and every one of them individually, and wanting each to shine by itself! There are several beauties in this collection that I can just frame and look at...or have a dress from, or pair them just with few accent colors...
I am off to cut some now - yay!!

Wishing you a lovely Monday,


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