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Remember me? (and The story of the wedding dress - Part 1)

Hi everyone,

Lately I feel like every other post of mine is something "I am back..." Or the other. 
But it is what it is, and things have been piling up - both in my life and in my head, to share with you all, so I better get back to my neglected blog... :)

Still no big signs of spring here, still mounds of snow, but it's coming down slowly. 
Birds are singing. Yay! 

Our big boy turned 8 years old last week. He is definitely not a youngster any more, but I really, really feel strongly about doing everything I can to keep him happy, healthy and very active - for many more years!  His birthday was right on the day when he usually goes to doggy daycare for a day, to play with other dogs and be active and social - so he got a big, healthy doggy cake to share with all his pals. That tongue says it all, specially since Marley does not get too excited about food in general...

So what kept me busy and away - wedding dress stuff!! My daughter was in town and besides spending every minute I could with her (to soak in and store it, for the days when I miss her...), we also had some amazing time planning the wedding dress. Aaah how lovely, deeply emotional and just pure fun was to go watch her try all those lovely dresses and to share it all with Lauren, our daughter-in-law and Jelena's future MIL and Lauren's mom too. Those really are some of the memories I will cherish forever.

She tried many dresses, one lovelier than the other...

We all loved details and lace on this one:

The lace detail is just beautiful!!
And the back too... (but we all agreed that straps were a bit to thin..? What do you think?)

There were so many more, and they all look so gorgeous on her - hey, I know I am totally biased, but all the ladies in the wedding shops said exactly the same!! :)

And then there is this one - we call it a "million dollar dress", since my girl said she felt like million dollars in it.

The back is gorgeous too...

Just look at her face! {{{{{{{{ cue mom's heart fluttering and smiling!!}}}}}}}}
 I worked REALLY hard on not crying, you guys!! :)

It was just such a beautiful, fun day!! I will remember it forever.

And then...just the two of us, we sat down with a cup of coffee to try and sort it all out. So my amazing, beautiful girl says that, yes, all of those dresses were lovely, and there was at least 2-3 that she could get right now and be perfectly happy with them, but...what is it that she will cherish and remember the most? What is it that would make it extra special for her? You know what she said? Time and memories of us making it TOGETHER. The fact that I made her dress. The love it will be in every stitch.

Yeah. I am one incredibly lucky person, my friends.

We raised our kids with all our love and the best we knew how, but to have them be such amazing people now, people that love us and give back and most importantly - people that make us better every day now, by saying and doing things like this - that is a blessing above all.  A gift I am not sure how I deserved, but a gift I cherish every day.

So here we are - got some white fabric for a practice dress, to tweak the pattern, change it and all, until its perfect. Yes, you guessed it - I am a bit nervous...I am not sure I am good enough to do this...but I am going to give it my best!! And my wise girl is right of course - this is THE BEST, these are times and memories that fill my heart with so much joy.

First trials were OK, but some changes are in order, and we are waiting for some lace appliques and details to come in the mail... That is one thing that worries me only - where to get good quality fabric and lace?? In Buffalo, sadly we have nothing but JoAnn fabric any more, and that is just not good enough... So internet searches, ordering swatches... Any good ideas or suggestions? Send them my way, I would love to hear and appreciate it very much!!

I will keep you posted, of course.

In the meantime, spring is coming, our little granddaughter is growing, being cuter by the minute and I can't wait to make a whole flurry of little dresses for her too! I don't care if she can wear them only once - I just want to make, make make!
So here are some starts... I will post final photos in few days too.

This gorgeous print from Katarina Roccella's new fabric line named Recollection just called for some ruffles...cute little ruffles...

And then some sunshine too - this knit fabric comes from Art Gallery Fabric collection so properly named Gleeful - it just made be totally gleeful and smiling!! It was sunshine inside and outside my sewing room this past Sunday! ;)

I have my beginners Quilting class tonight but hope I will have enough energy after that to play some more with embellishing these little cuties. I want to make few different sashes and maybe even head bands to go with - stay tuned!

Wishing you  happy St. Patrick's day and a lovely week ahead,



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