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Let's go to Greek Islands - Skopelos Blog Tour


Hi everyone,

lets skip, jump and hop from this lovely spring into even more lovely, colorful, happy summertime!!! No travel arrangements needed - just look at these gorgeous colors and designs - don't they say MEDITERRANEAN SUMMER??

Meet SKOPELOS !!! - new, beautiful collection by my talented, wonderful friend Katarina Rocella, for Art Gallery Fabrics! Katarina never ceases to amaze me with gorgeous new designs and colors, full of spirit and depth in so many ways!!

 The "princess" of the collection is certainly this gorgeous Poppy floral, but there is so much more...

And the best news is - you will be able to see so much more - just hop on for yet another amazing, inspirational Blog Tour, featuring creativity, fun and , of course Skopelos!!

I am a bit late with this post - tour already started on Monday, so if you are just finding out now, forst hop on to Lynne's wonderful blog for the first day inspiration and one amazing quilt to feast your eyes on!!
Tuesday's inspiration is Allegory's A1000Needles blog and a quilt I really, really love - go see!
And today,  Erica is going to wow you with not one, but TWO gorgeous bags she made!!!

And here is the whole Blog Tour list and schedule:
(yes, yours truly is coming up this Saturday - can't wait!!!)

2. ALLEGORY LANHAM – April 21st
3. ERICA TOOLE - April 22nd
4. RACHAEL GANDER - April 23th
5. AMY FRIEND - April 24th
6. MARIJA VUJČIĆ - April 25th
7. DANA BOLYARD - April 26th
8. ERICA JACKMAN - April 27th
10. SVETLANA SOTAK - April 29th
11. KATHLEEN RIGGINS - April 30th
12. APRIL RHODES - May 1st
13. PAUL HALLINGER - May 2nd
15. CAROLINE HULSE – May 4th
16. JANE DAVIDSON – May 5th

Oh and there is one more fun thing - A GIVEAWAY!!!
If you are on Instagram, follow Katarina  ( @katarinaroccella ) and repost any of the photos from this Blog Tour with a hashtag  #skopelostourgiveaway and you are automatically eligible to win a half yard cut of the entire collection - wooo-hooo!!!

I hope you will enjoy it and be inspired to make, make, MAKE!!!
I am off to see my sweet little granddaughter now, accumulate kisses and smiles from her and then sew, sew and sew some more later tonight!

Wishing you beautiful spring days and lots of smiles,


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