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Springtime, let the quilt show season begin!

Hi everyone,
I hope you are enjoying your weekend! 
Here, Spring is finally showing up, some blooms in the garden...

And in the trees...

I just love the still chilly mornings, but full of sunshine and birdsong... And of course this handsome boy!

Today's walk was just beautiful and I had this intense feeling of  just ...gratitude. For everything. Such a good feeling.
Yesterday I got to spend some time with our gorgeous granddaughter Juliana too . She is just such a sunshine of my days, I love her sooooo much! 
She is always an inspiration too - currently in my sewing room is some pinks, flowers, ruffles... 

I can't wait to show you this one! (More later!)
Another great thing coming with warm weather - it's a quilt show season!!!
First one this year was this weekend, put wonderfully together by Twin City Quilter's Guild of Tonawanda NY. I just LOVE going to quilt shows!!! Besides amazing inspiration and visual feast (not to mention some shopping!!), it is meeting friends, old and new and so many of my students that I love the most!! 
So here is some eye candy for all of you - sharing photos I took at the show: 

This one was inspired by my class - how gorgeous!!!
Really loved the quilting on this one too:
Speaking of quilting, how beautiful is this?

Another classic beauty...

Show had traveling Hoffman Challenge exhibit too and few caught my eye:

Can you say - amazing?? 

And another classic beauty by my friend Mary:

Something you see rarely these days - a hand quilted whole-cloth quilt, such a beauty:

And here is the Best of Show quilt:

My favorite? It's this one:

Next weekend is another great quilt show, hooray! Back to the sewing room now - stay tuned for another wonderful Blog Tour, this time to celebrate gorgeous new collection by Katarina Roccella, SKOPELOS!

Just beautiful!!! And this is just a part of it...
Happy spring everyone,

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