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Celebrating with joy and pride - our little Peaches in ONE today

Hi everyone,

today is such a special day for me. I woke up early and  promptly went from smiles and excitement to tears of joy, to reminiscing how amazing and beautiful was last 365 days - our precious, beautiful granddaughter is ONE today!!! Being her grandma is such an incredible joy, honor and blessing!
Besides inaccessibly kissing her when we are together, I think I express my love and joy in just making, making, making...
It started with her baby quilt - making this was such very deep emotional time for me, I loved every minute of it.

 You can read the whole story HERE

Oh and then, on May 15th 2014 all the fun began! She came right on time (on her due date!), quickly and efficiently (no torturing her mommy) and that right there was such a sign (now we know) of her sparkly, determined, happy, giggling personality!

That gorgeous baby quilt you see was not made by me, but rather by my wonderful quilting friends of WNY MGQ - an amazing, heart-swelling surprise that I love and cherish and Juliana uses now when she is in grandma's house. You can see more photos and story HERE. 

Making little things - both, practical and not-so-practical-but-cute - for our little girl is a constant joy for me...I just can't stop. Sewing in Granmaville is what I love to do now so, so much.

I remember that this little romper took maybe and hour and a half to make itself, but then I spent as much just adding flowers, tiny pocket... You know what I mean? :)

Or a little, tiny dress, when she was only a month old...

And few more little dresses...

Or little aprons for Easter...

Pink ruffles and super-cute shoes...

Or practical things like car seat/ stroller covers for all the walks:

Aaahh - our walks! I just love so, so much our walks! And book readings, or naps, or now big girl meal times when she eats by herself...or tries to feed Grammy too! Our song singing, hands clapping, dancing... Watching her melt her grandpa's face and heart so completely - that is simply the best.
Oh...you know, I can go like this all night and all day...
Just writing all this, tonight, right before her first birthday, brings such joy!

She is such a smiling, loving, happy little girl - she will wave hi to everyone, smile at everyone, come and cuddle with you too! She is also very determined little girl - you should have seen her conquering the art of crawling - starting with stairs!! Yes stairs! Then came walking - once she got herself up and around furniture and toys, there was no stopping her! Needles to say she is all walks now, way ahead of her first birthday! She loves to dance too. THAT my friends is just the cutest thing in the whole wide world.

But, I have to say - all this is so deeply and truly a reflection of her parents too. It really is. I am so incredibly proud of our son and his wife as first time parents. They are loving and devoted, yet calm, rational and wise, full of fun and joy too - rolling over those sleepless nights, teething fevers and dark circles under their eyes with smile and love. Handling with strength and ease - jobs, young puppy, baby, house and garden, family and all, never skipping to say "thank you", to show their appreciation, to indulge this grandma's baby cravings, photo hoardings and all... Juliana is one lucky girl.


I could go on and on, you know. And I might be boring you with all this, but my heart is so full tonight, I am so proud, so excited and so grateful for it all - I just had to write. Hope you understand. :)

I can't wait to celebrate tomorrow and every day.

Wishing you joy,


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