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Today is LEON DAY!!


Hi everyone,

So do you know what Leon Day is?

Would it help if I write it like this: leoN day

Yup, if you read it backwards it is Noel! So... if you didn't know, here it is:

I will be completely honest here - I did not know this before!

Until, as always, I found it through the magic of social cyber space! Then I  decided to join the folks over at Patience Brewster in celebrating Leon Day! WOW! Another amazing place I didn't know about! Patience is an artist and designer of unique handcrafted ornaments and figurines. And when they say ORNAMENTS - my friends, they mean business! If you like whimsy, original, unique, funny, cute to no end - you need to go visit and see for yourself!! I was blown away and simply love, love, LOVE them! 

From whimsical Santas, like this Dash Away Nicholas Santa...
(photos used with permission!)

...to, YES, a most adorable pair: meet George & Janet, Christmas giraffes!!! 

How super-cute are they??

And just about any other fun animal and anything whimsical in between!
(and standard truth here: no I am not affiliated in any way, I just really LOVE them!)

So back to the Leon Day - LET'S CELEBRATE!! 

And just how would I celebrate? - by making something out of fabric of course! Surprise, surprise....
Hey, I always, always wanted to be one of those amazing people who start getting their presents or projects just about at this time of the year, quilters who start making presents... so HERE IS MY CHANCE!  And thanks to Leon Day, I did it - hooray!!!

At first I thought I will go to my stash of Christmas fabrics and start cutting something new...And while I still may do that is days to follow, this time I stumbled upon these leftover blocks and light bulb went ON - lets challenge myself and make something Christmas-y looking out of these!!

Hmmmm... challenge indeed!

 I started with pairing two of the same to make a Flying Geese looking block...

Then I paired them up and - TREES? Christmas Trees? Are you with me? :)

Well, it looked OK, but I think these little red birdies (inspiration from that teal fabric!) made it so much better - do you agree??


It's kind of a non-traditional, whimsical Christmas! Just like all those Patience Brewster ornaments that inspired it all!!

Decided it will be a pillow!

What do you think? YAY or NAY?

Of course I will continue tonight (after work...work really gets in my way!) to celebrate Leon Day by giving these little trees and birds some life with some quilting!

How about you? Will you celebrate today? Will you start something new in your sewing room, some lovely handmade present? 

Hey, I might be able to help you there some more - long time ago I posted a whole bunch of tutorials for different (small and big) holiday fabric projects! Like this one:

You can find a complete tutorial HERE

Or this small one (ornament or a gift card holder):

Tutorial HERE

Or maybe a fun and VERY easy table runner?

You will find a tutorial HERE

And the rest of them are all under that "Tutorials" tab on the top of the page. Thanks to newly found inspiration of Leon Day - I might just go and post some more tutorials soon - stay tuned! :)

So, go ahead and celebrate Leon Day!
Today or any other day until...THIS comes along:

Vujcic family Christmas morning...

It will be here sooner than we all think - AS ALWAYS!!

Wishing you all HAPPY LEON DAY and peace and joy EVERY day,


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