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Wonderland Blog Tour - almost finished!

Hi everyone,

can you say playful, imaginative, whimsical and just plain - gorgeous?


Yeah - this is new, gorgeous fabric collection by extraordinary talented Katarina Roccella, for Art Gallery Fabric. Colors are dreamy, designs are so fresh and whimsical and attention to detail and subtle touches of sparkle are just so, so beautiful!! Wonderland instantly took me into a world of little girls dreams...where everything is possible...  Those girls with big dreamy eyes!

I can show you pictures upon pictures of it, all of which I took the day my fabrics arrived, but I also have to get back to the harsh reality... :(
Harsh reality is that due to perfect storm of work crazy-ness (read: 10-11 hour days often) and quilt construction obstacles (read: me not planning properly...) with a dash of sewing machine troubles - I didn't finish my Blog Tour project to show you today.... (insert very sad face here...)
So, for today, here is a story so far:
You see, it all started so well - I had million ideas in mind and then one day one came in the middle of my lunch break at work and felt just right - here is my sketch!

Middle will be a watercolor-y type of collage with all these cute Alice girls, with some nine-patches scattered...and then there will be a "wonderland" around - some lantern-looking blocks, some flowers...
Started with some strips in all the yummy colors,

Made some strip-sets to make random 9-patch blocks,

Placed some Alices on the design wall,

And after some playing, here is a watercolor-y collage,

I really do love it and am so excited to bring the rest to life!!
Now the blocks and settings that come after this is what I need to work on a bit more. First improv-style didn't quite work the way I wanted. Hence - my unfinished Blog Tour project... (sad face again).

I probably should have known better - improv is not my forte, this science girl needs to plan and calculate and have a road map... most of the time. At least for this one - I can see it in my mind and nothing but that vision will do, so back to the drawing board, EQ7 and some good old math...
I just realized that most of my "improv" play and fun actually always comes in QUILTING! When I get my hands into those Machinger gloves, set that FMQ foot and thread some yummy Aurifil - that is when I let loose! Ha ha!

Well, what can I say - I can't wait to get to that point and bring my Alice in Wonderland to life! Soon, very soon, my friends, bear with me!
In the meantime, if you didn't already - go check all other amazing, beautiful projects made in Wonderland!! You can find them all at Katarina's Recap Blog Post.

And of course - tell me what would you make from this fun collection? What comes to mind first?
I have so many more ideas....

Have a fun, lovely Wednesday,

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