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Growing the Avantgarde Garden...

Hey there friends,

How's winter where you are?
Over here in western NY we have it pretty mild and... Almost boring? He he, don't kill me all of you who either have tons of snow or don't like it, but we are used to it and, dare I say, love it? You know that I have a snow dog, so I was trained to love it! 

How can you say no to these snow faces?

Or this?

I just love these pups so much... 

OK, back to quilting now!

I decided to make my Avantgarde Garden a bigger (queen size) quilt! So first of course, played with it in EQ7 first, adding some more flowers around...

Maybe some more of that floral..?

Or more flowers?

I kinda liked this last one, so started making some more flowers

Love making these! 
I think a tutorial is in the making... ;)

Here is where I am so far, what do you think? 

Let me know! And happy winter!! 

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