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Quick test of the new Blogo app


Good morning and happy Friday!

With my morning coffee today I stumbled upon an offer for new blogging app called Blogo and since right now getting it also donated to the environmental causes, I decided to give it a try.
So guess where I am writing this from? -husband is driving on our way to work and I am blogging!! Kinda cool...
As I walked outside to the car, bright sunshine and birdsong greeted me - I think spring is finally here, for real! Our hyacinths are starting to bloom! 💕

This app lets you edit photos so let's try that... Snapped this one also this morning, if the Heleborus in our garden. This is the original:

And now some play...

Not bad!
OK, we'll drive is almost over and I need to get to work... 😫 I do like my job but on a sunny day like this, I would much rather be outside... Not to mention a pile of quilts and even some biding a to finish for the next weekend's Quilt Show!! More about that later...
Have a sunny-happy Friday,


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