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Celebration of life, love and family

Hello there my friends,

well I am a bit late here, but of course its never too late for happy news - our second grand daughter arrived!! 

Natalie Mae Vujcic was born on August 4th, 8 lb 14 oz and oh so beautiful!!!

Everyone is doing just great, big sister Juliana is really, really amazing big sister and I can't even begin to describe how full my heart is!!!

Someone asked me how will I divide the love now, having two precious grand daughters.... SILLY! One doesn't divide love - your heart just grows and grows, with every child or grand child!!! That is really the best part!! 
My heart just melts and sings every time I look at this photo...

And of course, all I want to do when I am not with them is to sew something for them!! I am amassing so many cute sewing patterns, I am making pillows, planning to make a small play-tent for that best ever big sister, and of course - diligently working on that special baby quilt! 

A whole pile of Half-Square Triangles are done and lovely Leah (my son's girlfriend and beginner quilter too) saw them on the pile, with Thangles papers still attached, so she took them all and removed the paper for me yesterday, before I even got home from work! Totally made my day!

I am forgetting now how many exactly, but the entire quilt top is made from these 3" HSTs, so needles to say, I love my Thangles - it made this go really fast!

I just love these colors...

So tonight, they are all going up on the wall for the final layout so that top can be pieced! 
I wish I don't have to go to work these days - I have so much sewing to do!! But when I am at work, this is what I look at (when not in the lab but at the computer) - my family love wall!! 

It keeps me smiling all day long, no matter what. And counting my blessings. Every day.  <3

Wishing you as many smiles and blessings, I am off to sew now,


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