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Sewing in Grandmaville

Hello everyone,

I hope you had fun and safe Halloween!

Over here, with all grown-up children, I now rely on our granddaughters and all friends' and neighbors' kids for some fun, making costumes and all that.
Juliana wanted to be her beloved Peppa Pig!

Since baby Natalie really doesn't have an opinion on the subject yet, we decided she will be one too. I gathered some pink and red fleece and few other things, and with a help of a jacket hood pattern and a lots of looking at various Peppa pictures out there, here is what I came up with:

Once I made a pink fleece hood, it was all in doing the eyes, blush and that smile just right - that made the whole thing! I winged it all the way, but those shapes are all really simple. 
Once the simple red dress was made, I realized it will not quite stand wide enough, to look like Peppa, so I made a pink tutu to go underneath the dress - for both girls! I figured they will play with tutus later anyway... I never took a good photo of the tutu unfortunatley, but I am hoping there will be other opportunities to do it, when they play with it...

The most important thing - Juliana loves it - hoorayyy!
And seriously, how cute is she?! If you ask this grandma - cutest Peppa Pig ever!

I was also inspired to make some fall-colored outfits, specially after seeing this beautiful large orange polka-dot fabric.

Some of that, combined with a soft, orange knit and  big sister - little sister matching dresses were whipped up in two evenings...

I used again the Tinley Tee pattern by GYCT designs and just added the full circle flounce at the bottom, plus the made-up pocket, since my little cutie loves pockets! <3

Little sister dress was a bit of a improvisation (Tinely Tee pattern starts from 6-12 months and that was a bit too big), between measuring the baby and adopting the front of completely unrelated pattern that I had and just making a smaller flutter sleeve shape... we will see how that actually worked out, once their mommy tries it on! :)

But it sure looks cute and grammie loved every minute of making it...

Here is a quick comparison in sizes...

Of course there had to be some matching hair accessories, so grammie (or Bai, how Juliana calls me now) made some! Hair clips for big sister (who doesn't like head-bands much) and head-bands for baby sister (who doesn't have any hair for clips! )

What do you think? Aren't these cute?! I was giggling all the way while making them!

These are so much fun and so easy to make, once you have these cute flowers, bows, feathery things and elastic. I found two great sources on-line for these: Fleuriste Craft Supply  and Hairbow Supplies Etc.  - just inc case you are inspired to make some... :)

Now that Halloween is over, lets get one with other tasks of the season, right?

One for me (not really season related) is to make this blog better and actually useful for all of you. Tutorials come to mind... Have you seen my question in the previous post? Have any opinions?  Please let me know!

Wishing you fun and joy every day,


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