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Festival of small projects - Day 2

 Oh my - Day 2 and I am already late!! SORRY! Morning got really busy and stupid cold kept me up last night, but there is good news - I finally realized that I can make a blog entry and "schedule" its publishing...meaning I can do this in advance and make sure I am on time - YEAH! I know, I know, most of you knew this already...but I somehow missed that - live and learn! :)

Today let's make a Poinsettia Christmas tree ornament!

This can be an entirely HAND sewing project or a combination of machine and hand sewing - so pick your style and have some fun!
For one ornament as shown above  you will need:
1. ONE small doily (approximately 4'-5" in diameter)
2. FOUR circles from red fabric that are 5" in diameter
3. FOUR circles from different red fabric that are 3" in diameter
4. ONE circle from yellow fabric that is 2" in diameter
5. TWO circles from green fabric that are 5" in diameter
6. Piece of ribbon for hanging (about 6" long)

Here is what you need to do:
1. To mark the circles on the fabric, use anything that has a correct (or approximate) size you need. Layer as many layers of fabric as you can cut at the same time, pin together, mark the circles and cut with good sharp scissors. Of course, if you have one of those circle cutters, even better! (Photo A-C)
2. Cut all the circles IN HALF, except the 2" one from yellow fabric (I used ruler and rotary cuter for this)-Photo D
3. Fold all the half-circles in half, RIGHT sides together and stitch on the STRAIGHT edge (Photo 1). I pile them all up and use chain-piecing to do this! (Photo 2)

4. Turn all the resulting little "cones" (my kids used to call them Santa hats! :)  ) right side out. You should have 8 large red, 6-8 smaller red (different red) and 3-4 green ones for ONE flower.(Photo 3) Reason I say 6-8 or 3-4 is because you can decide how many, depending on how you like your flower to look like - some creative space here! :)

5. To make the flower: take a needle and thread (color is not that important since it will not be visible at the end) and do a running stitch catching BOTH raw edges of the little cone you made (Photo F1). Pull the thread to gather it as much as it will go and secure the thread with a knot.(Photo F2) DON'T CUT IT! Just continue with another cone, and another..until you have all 8 of them together.(Photo F3) Attach the last one to the first one to complete the flower! (Photo F4)
6. Repeat this with 8 (or 6) of the smaller cones to make a smaller flower, as well as with 3-4 green cones to make leaves. You can attach two leaves together or leave them as single units.

7. Make the flower center: center for Poinsettia could be made many ways, but quick and easy one is to make one yellow Yo-Yo! I am sure most of you can make them in your sleep! :) Take your 2" yellow circle, fold the raw edge about 1/4" (or a bit less) and do a running stitch all around. Pull the thread you just made all the stitching with to gather thre edge as close as it will go and - voila! - a Yo-Yo!
6. Now is the time to assemble the whole flower! Here are all the pieces you will need:

Place small flower on top of the large one and either tack them together with few stitches or gule them together (around the center part) if you prefer. Place the Yo-Yo on top of the small flower - it should cover all the raw edges and gathering stitches. Again, stitch or glue it in place. Place leaves on the BACK of the flower where you like them and stitch of glue in place. Your flower can look like this:

 7. To complete the ornament, make ONE MORE flower like this, or maybe in different color? Once you have two, it is time to assemble the ornament! Picture bellow shows you what you need - 2 flowers, piece of ribbon for hanging and a doily (I like to starch mine a bit - it stands better!)
8. Tack the ribbon on to the doily with few stitches (make sure that is towards the middle enough so it is not visible once the flowers are on).
9. Attach one flower to one side (you can either stitch it or glue it on) and another flower to the other side and - TA-DAH!!! Your Poinsettia ornament is done!!

There are many options and variations with this one! You can make them smaller or larger by cutting circles in different sizes, you can add beads in the center, you can even skip the doily if you like. These flowers can be used for so many other things - a nice decoration on the wrapped presents, embellishments on table runners, wall hangings, wearables...Just keep a basket of supplies by your favorite chair and make them any time!!
Of course - please show me your creations (leave a comment, link to a photo, or your blog or...)
See you again here tomorrow with an easy but showy table runner!
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