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Festival of small projects - lucky Day 13!

Hello everyone,

here we are at the lucky number, Day 13 of our Festival of small projects AND almost half way through the fun  BLOG HOP PARTY WITH GIVEAWAYS (a birthday celebration of Michele Foster's Quilting Gallery web site). So let me say this first:

I am so thrilled, honored and thankful for the phenomenal response, comments and kind words from so many of you - THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I wish I could give everyone a prize! :) For all of you visiting for the first time today - WELCOME! Don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win the giveaway (click HERE for all the details!).

So what is in store for Day 13? - I thought it is a good time to take a break from a new project and have a quick overview of all the projects we had so far! This way, for all the new visitors it is all here in one place for a quick look, and for all of you following from Day 1 - a quick reminder! :)

For all - I would LOVE to hear your top three picks from projects so far! AND - I am ready to give something little back: all of you who leave a comment to THIS post, picking your top three projects so far, will be entered into a separate little giveaway! YEAH!
That means if you already left a comment in previous posts, you can do it again and have a chance for not one, but TWO different giveaways! Sounds good?

I will keep this, second giveaway open only until tomorrow at midnight, but the main one will be open until Saturday. Both winners will be announced on Sunday!

So lets have a quick overview of all the projects so far:

DAY 1 - Christmas Tree card holder:

- Easy, one-seam, 3'D Flying Geese block (inspired by Ricky Tims' tutorial) makes this project! You can add as many segments as you like to make it bigger!
- for the tutorial, click HERE

DAY 2 - Poinsettia ornament

- I LOVE making this flower! In holiday colors or in any other colors, it is just fun, easy and so versatile!
- You can make so many different things with it - for a tutorial, click HERE

DAY 3 - Strip-pieced holiday table runner:

- This is such an easy, strip pieced project! Change colors and it can be a runner for ANY occasion!

- for a tutorial, click HERE

DAY 4 - Place mats for the table runner:

- Isn't it great to have a handy pocket for the napkin and silverware?

- for a tutorial, click HERE

DAY 5 - Very yummy Pear cake recipe:

Well this one doesn't have to be included into a rating, but it can if you want! :) It is really a great cake, and as already tested by some of you wonderful blog readers, it can be made with apples too! I think I will try that next...

DAY 6 - Fabric-does-the-work quilt:

- I made this quilt in several different fabric combinations - Christmas, autumn, baby prints, Snowmen/winter one is in progress...it always looks great and it is so easy!

- for a tutorial on 2 different sizes for this one, click HERE

DAY 7 - Dear Santa cardholder:

- I had so much fun with this design and how quickly it came together! It was almost work-in-progress tutorial and I promise to show you a photo of completely done Santa soon! :) My daughter came home from a trip after I made this one and liked it so much, she said I have to finish it ASAP! lol

- for a tutorial click HERE

DAY 8 - Decorative candle wreath:

- Here is a quick and easy gift idea! Just make one Poinsettia flower, cut up some strips and keep tying them on!

- make one of these not just for holidays, but for any decorative opportunity or gift! Click HERE for a tutorial

DAY 11 - Basket full of flowers table runner:

- Another use for those Poinsettia flowers! (can you tell I like them? :)  )

- this one can be made in any color - for summer, fall...

- for a complete tutorial click HERE

DAY 12 - Holiday window:

- Who doesn't have a panel or two (or three...) in their stash? Here is a fun use for those!

- Of course, you could use a great landscape print too! (middle quilt)
- For a tutorial on this one, click HERE

OK - those are all nine projects so far!
Let me know (comment in THIS post) what are your top three and have a chance to win another great prize!! (it is a sur-prize what is the prize!! But let's just say that if you like my original prize, you will like this one too! he, he...)
New project tutorial tomorrow,
Have a happy Tuesday,



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